Fireplace Mantel

kam76October 2, 2013

Can anyone help me date this fireplace mantel based on the woodwork. The owner says early 1800's but I'd like more input. Thanks!

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I'd be inclined to think more like early _19_00s.

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Thanks colleenoz! Is there something that makes you say that? I am trying to learn as much as I can so I am an educated buyer.

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I was thinking a sort of generic classical revival/Victorian, but upon a closer look it's actually Romanesque Revival and as such dates to a narrower period of popularity (of course it could be later, as it may have stayed in inventory for a long time) around 1886-1895. It's all in the detailing. The carved leaf termini of the cushion molding and the exaggerated bulbous turnings, for two.

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Thank you so much Casey. This is great information. Do you have any idea what this item might be worth or a good price to pay for it? The seller is asking $999.

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