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Pearl53April 19, 2005

Well, I got up early this morning, fully believing I would have her in today. I changed my mind about which nursing home at the last minute. This place was really my first choice but is a few miles further away. So the lady from my preferred nursing home came to the house, along with the Director of Nurses for a brief visit with Mother. They asked her about her doctor's visit yesterday. She couldn't remember a thing about it. I wish I couldn't. Would you believe they couldn't take her today because of a state law that says there has to be a 48 hour waiting period after the TB skin test? I was so disgusted. So we went over more paperwork, dicussed her medications, diet, etc. She gave me a hug and said she knew what I was going through because she went through the same thing with her mother. (It sounded good anyway.) They say tomorrow is the big day, but who knows. I thought today was going to be the big day.

I decided in Mother's case, the best approach is to "take her out to lunch" tomorrow. I hope it works and she doesn't get too upset. She doesn't see very well and since her dementia has gotten worse she sometimes thinks she isn't home even in her own home. It could be an easy transition but who knows.

Will see tomorrow.


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Hi Pearl....I know these days must be very long. It will work out in the end, tho. Sounds like you have a good plan. Afterall, you know her best. The 48 hr thing is because the TB test cannot be read until 48 hrs after placement, at the earliest. With some the wait is 72 hrs. It is to protect others in the residence, and will work in her best interest when other residents are moving in.
Wishing you well tomorrow. Derry

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Pearl, my thoughts are with you and your Mom...I hope everything goes well. If you feel better about this other nursing home, it might ease your mind a bit...

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Taking her out to lunch or shopping is a good idea. Then just stop by the NH and tell her that you need to run to check on something. Once you get her in, you will be more able to judge how she will respond. Let the NH staff guide the conversation and say as little as possible. They are used to this sort of thing. It's going to turn out OK. Just remember that no one is 100% happy all the time. Her confused state of mind can work to your advantage.

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