Hello Nora

gabby_49April 30, 2005

Nora....your setting sounds like mine with the wren house and the hummingbirds. I just did put my feeder out and hadn't seen any, until you said you did, and I was standing out there and seen them also. Ofcourse we haven't been home, and I wasn't aware they had already started to come. One of them has a red throat. I just love to sit out there but lately but it has been chilly,the weather hasn't been to good the last week. We were having 80 degree weather, just wonder where spring went to.

Frankfort is close and I will be thinking of you being in this territory. Kentucky is beautiful this time of year and I hope you enjoy all the scenery as well as your family and helping them get the move done. It is always such a pleasure to get to see your kids and their family....right now I have my little grandaughter spending the night. They could almost live with Grandma, as they live just up the street from us.

We had planned to bring the R.V. home but think now we will just leave it put until he can get on around Louisville which then he can drive. We want to spend the summer at home, but with his line of work, it is on the road most of the time.

So your sister is watching your Mother and Dad now that you are gone huh? I say let sis get a dose of what you do all the time, altho it should be (a want to) to visit with her mother and enjoy her last years. When they are gone, then it is to late. THey should cherish what they can do with them now.

Well I hope you enjoy your stay with the family and that they get settled soon. I think they will enjoy Kentucky and Frankfort is a nice place. You take care and don't grow to many tomatoes this year, if so ship me a pound or two, along with some good corn on the cob... Friends....Hugs Gabby

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Hi Nora... Thinking about you, too... Glad you're able to help your daughter and her family with their move! May God give you strength. You and your precious parents are being lifted in prayer. ~breezy

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Hello Gabby and Breezy, We made our trip and daughter and family are settled in.....we helped unpack some....I helped with keeping the kids busy...we took a trip to Sonic and the Dollar Store...they loved that....my Dad sent them each $5 to spend and they so enjoyed picking out their toys. They have a beautiful home with a big yard in a subdivison and they are the last house on the street. I plan on going back the last part of this month....Melanie will be out of college and she and I are going to help Sis finish up things. All went well here at home while I was gone....Mom has had good days....and Dad said that my sister said she really enjoyed her time with them. Hope all is well with you all.
Gabby, Enjoy your time at home. I love watching my birds.
Breezy, You have been in my thoughts and prayers...how are things going for you. Is your weather o.k.and are you going to plant a garden? God Bless you both. Got to get out and mow the yard....I am helping out at the florist the next few days....it is Mother's Day and also have the prom this week-end. Take care. Nora

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Hi Nora! How delightful that your "job" was to keep the kids busy! :) I'm so happy for you and your family. May God continue to bless their marriage and children. The home sounds lovely. So glad all went well for your parents and sister. God give you strength as you help out at the florists - Mother's Day and the prom at the same time!!! That's a lot of work. I've been busy doing things with my sisters. Mowed 3/4 of the yard yesterday; hope to finish it today. We had a bad frost last night. It may have damaged my lupines. I love them so much, but I've lost most of them over the years... I pray it didn't harm any farmer's crop. I haven't planted anything yet. My parsley is coming up beautifully from last year, but I'll have to plant more because it goes to seed so fast. I'll put in a few tomatos, and plant some beets... That's about all... I have a lot of work to do on my house this summer. Hey, Gabby! I always enjoy reading your posts. Have a blessed day. ~breezy

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Hello Breezy, So good to hear from you. You are always in my prayers....we have had a cool spring...Dad's tomatoe plants are really not looking very good...several times we have had to cover them because of cold weather. Hope they come along and do good. I love lupines...have never planted them....need to try them. We also need to do alot of work around this house...since I am not working the plans are for me to get some of those things done...in my younger days I use to tackle anything but seems as I get older...that is not the case....LOL Right now it seems that I have stayed busy working in the yard and just doing things with Mom and Dad. Just wanted to share with you that after I got home last night on the table was my Mother's Day gift from my dear husband....a lovely book about Mothers....with scriptures and a beautiful necklace with 3 shapes...THE TRINTY....GOD THE FATHER,SON AND HOLY SPIRIT. A blessed reminder to wear near my heart. He is such a wonderful man and loves the Lord. Take care and God Bless You. Nora

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Oh, Nora, what beautiful gifts from your sweet husband! It pays to serve Jesus, doesn't it... Money can't buy the precious relationship you have with your dear family. What a difference His love makes in our hearts. It may take some time, but God can bless your dad's tomato plants and cause them to produce abundantly even if they don't grow to their normal size. He did that for a scrawny one I almost pulled out one summer. It never grew very large but eventually became loaded with the sweetest tomatoes of the whole crop! :) My strength isn't what it used to be, either, Nora... I look back and shake my head in wonder when I think of lifting Mother in and out of everything for three years. We CAN do all things through Christ. He gives us what we need when we need it. I did my hedge and finished the yard. The pollen in the springtime causes my allergies to flare up big time. I think that's the hardest part of working outside right now for me! :) I know you're grateful to have your precious mother another Mother's Day... May God's peace, grace, and sweetness fill you to overflowing as you minister to your dear parents and family.

Hi Gabby! I'm glad to hear that you and your DH are slowly adjusting to life without Lara. I pray things work out for your hubby so that you won't have to travel as much and will be able to enjoy your beautiful home. I had to have my only tree cut down last fall, so I'm not getting as many birds this spring. I do have one bird feeder and get to enjoy them there. ~breezy

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Breezy....thanks so much for thinking of us and the little prayer.You are a blessed friend and I hope you are enjoying the nice weather, and spring. We do love to watch the birds and this morning were on the bottom deck which adjoins the woods and we have a little bird house, like the old hillbilly birdhouse with a little front porch and a little wren has made a nest in there. We loved watching him, and singing . It is so enjoyable to be home and be able to do that. Take care Breezy and enjoy the summer!!! Hugs

Nora...What a blessing you have now that u can spend time at home,and with the family...retirement is lovely isn't it? I so wish we could stay at home but what days we are we enjoy it so well. I was telling Breezy we were on the bottom deck this morning watching a little wren make a nest and singing. I am enjoying Mothers Day and I hope all of you the very best and enjoymnet with your families.

I thought it would have been a good "idea" to have sent a balloon sailing with a card on it to Lara....we miss her this day. All take care....many hugs to you all.

Husband made me two Adriondack chairs and we are painting them white...I just love them. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!

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