Recommendatios on air tubs

ev2012January 5, 2013

We are remodeling our bath and looking for a whirlpool tub, 60 x 30, or 32 if we can fit it. Any experiences or recommendations? Drop in vs. stand alone? We are very tight on space and hope to take away a closet to install a separate shower. Any minimums on width we should consider? This tub would be used by mature adults. Thank you.

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We installed a Maxx air tub. Size price comfort ease of maintenance are great. If you are stone deaf it would be perfect as it sounds like a jet liner when the air is on, so we just use it as a soaker tub.

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Annie Deighnaugh

We have a bain ultra air jet tub and I'm very happy with it....air jets have advantages over whirlpools including they dry themselves out so no slime and you can use bubble bath with them....

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Had a Sanijet, which I loved but it was loud. Currently have an AromaSpa by Vitabath. I love the bubbles and it's a bit quieter, but the quality is a bit lacking, i.e. the front panel doesn't fit tightly, one bubble hole was leaking and had to be plugged, occas. the on-off button decides not to work. Bought a Kohler archer airtub for our remodel, but it isn't installed yet. As posted above, the air jets do dry themselves, which is nice. Wasn't interested in cleaning out whirlpool tubes at all.
For awhile I thought my bathroom was haunted as the tub would turn itself on every so often, until DH told me it was on a timer to keep the air jets clean. Duh.

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Thank you for your input. I have been looking into BainUltra but have learned that they do not allow distributors to sell online. In store sales only which keeps the prices high. Thus no distributor will deliver out of state. I spoke with their Canada Ontario office and this was confirmed. I find this very irritating as, from experience, online prices are the most competitive.

In terms of quality and pricing, whose products are equally attractive?

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What did you pay for an ultra Bain air tub?

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I have a Mirabelle Edenton in the size you want: 60/30/20. It's the largest interior space I could find. My preference was the Hydrosystems Lacey (just because of appearance), but the Mirabelle Edenton is very similar and about $1K less. Bain and Hydrosystems are similarly expensive.

If you look, you'll find a video I posted about the tub and some pictures from my remodel which may help. Mirabelle is only sold through Ferguson Enterprises (or the Californian and Canadian sister companies), however, so that could be an issue for you.

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Thank you everyone for your helpful comments.

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I need your help fast, because the promo on the Maax air tub is expiring tonight. I am about to buy a Maax air tub eithe the palace 72x 37x 23 or the living 66x 36x 22 . They have them for 15% less at quality bath . Anybody knows anything about this brand or models . Or should I go with another brand ? My budget is $ 2000 . Please any feedback would be greatly appreciated because hubby didn't want the air tub , but wanted a regular one , so any mistake would be dramatical . Thank you again.

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Maax Rubix larger interior and similar styling than Mirabelle Edenton.

See my comments in the "whirlpool or air tub" thread re: air tubs

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Just an FYI lillo, the deal at QualityBath is a gimmick. The "sale" is constantly ending, and when it ends, it magically renews for another 24 hrs. Sandals does the same thing, although a little longer of a window.

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Thank you. For the info mhetzel , I'll keep that in mind. It will give me
more time to shop around and get advice .

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Generally speaking, any sale available will be repeated by the same of different vendor or is a price that may be negotiated. Manufacturer sponsored deals and true closeouts/store closings, etc. are different.

You might look at Jason's Integrity line. We are looking at one of their tubs in another line and you can specify a remote location for the blower and we were told it would be even quieter that way. The demo tub we saw was not particularly loud. It was not as loud as the Bain tub next to it, but since we have an attic space right above our bathroom where we could install the blower, we are thinking we will do that. I haven't been shopping the Integrity line, but I searched and saw that some are in your price range. I have no knowledge or experience with the liked site -- just spotted their pricing first, so do your research.

Here is a link that might be useful: Online Integrity vendor

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Thank you lascatx for the info , but how can you connect the blower in the attic with the tub below ?
Do you have any idea about the quality of the Jason tubs compared to the maax or the Bain ultra ?

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Jason allows you to connect the blower remotely -- up to 15 feet from the tub, so we could put it in the attic space above the bathroom. It will involve running a hose down the wall, I'm sure. We have access to the attic space there and we have available space right above the tub, but it might not work for everyone.

They appear to be of comparable quality. The ones I have seen were in shops that sell Bain, Hydro Systems, Victoria and Albert -- and one of them carries some German and Italian lines that are even more exclusive. They all looked and felt to be of very fine quality and no one steered one one or another on quality -- just size, shape, air choices, etc. I was looking at Victoria and Albert (ruled out because we would like some kind of water movement) and Bain when I went in. The only Jason I was at the store where I first heard of them was a air/whirlpool combination with molded armrests -- very different from the clean line free standing tub I was thinking of. I wasn't too impressed, but I started thinking about the MicroSilk feature they also offered and wanted to find out more.

When I researched Jason online, I found out they are the Jacuzzi family. The Jacuzzi name brand was sold some time back (think I had heard that and that Jacuzzi brand wasn't what it used to be). After a while, the family got back into the business under the Jason name (JA for Jacuzzi and son for the sons). They have been making tubs under the Jason name since the 1980s and on another thread some folks who have their soaking tubs (as long as 13 years, I think) have responded about being very happy with them. I can't remember if anyone had air, but no one actually had the Microsilk installed yet. Seems they make very good tubs, but until they released the MicroSilk, they were just another quality tub brand trying to squeeze into the marketplace.

I think of them as possibly being like my Perlick refrigerator drawers. I heard of them on the kitchen forum here, but they were pretty much an unknown. They had been in the commercial market for years and make a superior product -- we couldn't be happier with them. We are planning on getting a Jason tub when we figure out what we can do about our shower and are ready to redo our bath,. I'm really looking forward to it.

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I just found out that there is one difference between the Jason and the Bain ultra and the Maax . The Jason doesn't have heated backrest like the last two have . So if you are looking for that feature you better stick with the last two. I think there Isaac Jason in a showroom next to us , I am planning to check it out hopefully tomorrow . I'll make sure that I am correct . I like the oval one 66x42 in the integrity line . I think I will have to check both the heated backrest and how loud it is to decide which one to get .

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i like our bain. the auto dry is a great feature. i never worry about anything growing inside the jets. peace of mind has a price, though.

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Thank you kateskouros, I finally bought the Bain ultra . I will not install it yet until my bathroom redo in mid May . I hope it turns out good . I'll let you know .

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I am planning to buy a Bain Ultra tub too. I am thinking the Oval Plus with Geysair. Which model did you end up buying? (I am the one who needs to know what everyone else is ordering before she can make up her mind when dining out...outfitting my bathroom appears to be no different! LOL)

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