mom's off the oxycontin -- whoopee!

asoloApril 2, 2010

FWIW / FYI.....

97-year-young mommy free of the stuff after 15 years. With Dr.'s direction, began substituting oxycodone (which can be cut/shaved) for oxycontin (which cannot be shaved/cut). Took about two weeks for total substitution, then began shaving/cutting the oxycodone. We're now in week four and down to three half-pills a day on the way to zero. Withdrawal symptoms along the way minimal and quite manageable.

Benefit? ALL of the previous bowel issues (posted previously) have disappeared. No more accidents and clean-up crises. Can't say I've noticed any difference in the dementia symptoms, but everything else is vastly improved. We're back from the edge.

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Posting this so OP will descend the list.

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Glad to hear this, hope things are still working out! It was nice of you to share this information FWIW.

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