don't do what i did!

heydeborahApril 27, 2005

Yesterday i couldn't stand the migrane that i had for one day longer, so i went to the clinic where my doctor is and saw the doctor on call. he took alot of time with me and checked everything out, well when it cam to my blood pressure apparently i was a ticking time bomb, it was so high. so he sent me to the emgerg. dept. at the hospital, where they were expecting me. the nurse came and took the info and then the doctor came, and i was put on an IV for the pain and was given 2 prescriptions for the migranes. So all i can say is take care of yourself and if you are tired slow down or just stop altogether. i finally think though that things are going to change in our house after this little scare my family had. i came home and slept for about 12 hours. so please, take things a little more easy things could have been alot worse for me! debbie

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Oh, Debbie...I'm so very sorry you had to go through that. However, if "things" change in your home, perhaps it was a wake-up call that eventually could have been more severe. You're so involved with your community, with trying to juggle umpteen things yourself, tend to your two children and Al, that there's just nothing left for you, is there? A bubble-bath can't wash away all the stresses of each day.

Slow down, Sweetie....drop some things and take some serious time to just "be" with Al and your children. You're fortunate they're good kids....they'll understand that you can't be all things to all people all the time! I know we try to drive it into each other here to take time for ourselves, but it is difficult, isn't it? We always seem to be the last on our extensive lists! Some things, Debbie, have got to go bye-bye! It's OKAY just to sit and do nothing sometimes! You don't have to fill each moment...they're filled enough...put on your earphones and play Mozart, or a Gregorian Chant CD, or anything to help with your blood pressure and stress. There are relaxation CDs out there with your name on it! Go find one! Or borrow a few from the library until you know what relaxes you best.

Debbie....when I get to ThunderBay I expect to see a healthy Debbie! Got it, Chickie? Atta Girl.

Now make those changes and REALLY take care of yourself!!

HUGGLES and Blessings

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Debbie, You had a wake up Linda put it so well....take care of yourself....hope and pray that the meds. the doctor gave you will help with the migranes. Please know that you and your precious family are in my prayers...wish we were close...I would steal you away for the day and we would go to lunch and then to a movie....doesn't that sound about you just getting in the car....take the day to do something you want to do!!! Al and the kids will be o.k. God Bless and let us know how you are feeling. Nora

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Yes! I certainly did have a wake up call, and i hope that it never happens to anyone of you, all my dear wonderful friends! i have already started being selfish, i got up made number one son get to work on his own and come home too - guess what he did it! (oh stupid me!) dear daughter stayed home from school and we watched videos laying on the couch (something i never allowed before!) started knitting a sweater for ME (lopi kit all yarn and pattern - 8.99 from my fav. store). made an easy meatloaf for supper and stayed in my pj's except to go to a&p for hamburg for the meat loaf -- linda saw sandra with her head in the ice cream cooler that she was stocking -- didn't talk to her but she looked fine! so i hope this is one worry off your mind. nora i hate driving in this city, the drivers here figure red lights are for everyone else--i think i would be safer at a bank hold up than driving here -- and i'm not kidding. also gas is now 99.9 cents a litre! so anyways i'm off to read and hope my little scare scared everyone else because as care givers we do need our valued "down time", sleep well everyone and thanks! debbie

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Debbie, hope you feel better. I used to get migraines often, and boy, they are no fun! I think it is Nature's way of telling you to slow down, and I'm glad you took some time for yourself...continue to do so. Be sure to keep track of your blood pressure too! My thoughts are with you.

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Atta Girl, Debbie! And you're NOT being "selfish", need down-time like everyone else does: if we don't care for ourselves, we'll be no use to anyone else.
I just knew your kids would be a wonderful support for you...I had to smile at you and your DD lounging around watching videos all it!! Ah, Girl....please continue to care for yourself and don't fall into past routines, okay?

As for Sandra with her head stuck into the ice-cream cooler....ROLF!!...wait until I tell her that! HAHAHA!!!
It's good to have a spy in ThunderBay!..snicker....

Hope you have a lovely day knitting that sweater for yourself....if this yucky weather continues, you could be wearing it now! ;-D

ps...Don't worry Nora, Sandra and I know what to do with this Chickie when I get there later this summer! ((wink))

BIG HUGS and Blessings

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Debbie, So,so good to read your post. I also knew those great kids would come thur for you. You are a great Mom and they know it....just let them do for you!!! Gas in Missouri has gone down...some. Continue to rest...and watch that blood pressure....don't know if you have those machines in stores that you can take your blood pressure...but everytime I go to pharmacy I take mine....several years ago I started having trouble and had to start taking meds. to keep mine down. Keeping you all in my prayers.
Linda....I am excited that you and Sandra will be taking care of we all know she is the best....wish I could come along....we all could have alot of fun. God Bless!!! Nora

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Missouri isn't too far from us, is it? Whoa!!! Nevermind! I just saw the shows that are playing at the Branson Music Hall and I think we should meet you THERE! LOL!! The Rat Pack!!! Red Hot and Blue!!!! wouldn't that be nice?!
However...let's see...from Jefferson City to Sault Ste Marie, Michigan at our hours of driving time, then another 9 hours to ThunderBay....yikes...that's a wee excessive, isn't it? Just for lunch? And believe me, having been to ThunderBay (sorry, Debbie, know...), I have a feeling Missouri is a tad more exciting! hahaha!!!

My DH and I are taking a wee road trip in Stratford, in Ontario...... cute! almost expect to see Shakespeare on the street!) to see a couple of his plays, then down and across to Michigan...we love that state; so much like Ontario...we want to visit Frankenmuth again, then Birch Run (OUTLET MALLS!), then up to Mackinaw City and a few trips over to Mackinaw Island, then up to the Sault and west to ThunderBay! We had planned to return home from the Sault when Mom was still living here, but now....we have no time limit! ;-)

Oh! Debbie: I emailed Sandra and asked her what kind of diet program was she on, because sticking her head into the cooler with ice-cream isn't on MY list!! LOL! She said to give you heck for not yanking her out and saying "Hello"! ;-D

Well, girls...time for a lay-down...was at my doc's today and as I thought...asthma>cold>bronchitis>border-line pneumonia! Woohoo. Just what I needed. So it's new drugs and rest time!

Take good care, my Friends!!!
HUGS and Blessings

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Linda first things first how are you? i feel more sorry for you than i do me!! i've lived with these stupid migranes forever for about 30 years or so, but finally i did find someone who listened to me! i sure never expected it from a doctor on call (this is where you go to your own clinic and you don't have an appointment and you see whoever will see you, very common in our city as over TEN thousand people do not have a doctor, and you can only go to these clinics if you have a family doctor at the clinic you go to, if not they send you to emerg. - As we say only in canada!). well i woke up with a migrane and decided to get the prescription filled - are you all sitting down - it was for 12 wafers, i only got 6 at a cost of 106.90 (it isn't imitrex). well good news i laid down, for 45 minutes and it was gone! i'm on cloud nine right now no pain it's unbelievable! to celebrate i left the dishes, sat down and started making a foundation piecing tote bag, and of course talking to you all!

i wish we could all meet, i think we would all have a great time! I remember winning tickets to see meryle haggard and jeannie frickie (and i had a migrane on that night too), but we had a great time. I've been on that circle route - family vaction time, and we had such a great time, and it was when Al still was walking, being stupid in the car and singing songs, and other things! I think any city is better than here, another restaurant closed down, a mill is closing, some university staff is on strike, it's a bad city to live in right now our down town is like a ghost town! well thank you everyone again for thinking about me! freezing cold and 26 degree and it snowed on and off all day today! debbie

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