Interesting Coffee Table

valmont325September 25, 2012

I bought this table the other night strictly on a whim namely because this is the first table i have ever seen like this. Is it antique? I don't think so but i have been wrong. This is just the only place i know of where people know what they are talking about. Id love any kind of info on this. Thanks! Or point me in the right direction.

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second photo

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Can't tell if it's "antique". But it's a nice looking table and certainly useful. Looks Asian to me...not really sure why....

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Linda -
Look at the "hoofed" feet and the bits of fretwork. It's like Danish Modern married a Chinese table.

I like the looks, but if you have to clear the table to expand it, it's not practical.

Date? Probably no earlier than the 1950s. I'm flashing back to some line of furniture that had that lightly Oriental flavor with modern structure.

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I see nothing at all Danish modern about it. that hoofed foot and the decoration said Japanese to me...but also could be from another Asian country.
It's not a "coffee table" as such but rather a traditional low eating table. You sit on the floor to eat around it.

As to the date? who knows without closer examination.

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It looks like Mid Century Chinese Moderne to me, a al James Mont, Tommi Parzinger and early Michael Taylor in spirit. Or could be actual Chinese, they lived through the 1950s, too.

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Could we see a close-up of the hinge hardware and the underside of the table?

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yeah, i can. but tomorrow.

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George Zee! Was a company in Hong Kong, went out of business when the British rule ended.

I remember seeing that company's top line furniture in Gump's of San Francisco. They did make a lot of carved pieces, especially jewelry boxes, but others were sleeker than traditional Chinese styling, and made to suit western life style, or westernized Chinese in Hong Kong.

It was also sold in military base exchanges in various places, hence the western influence.

Thomasville and a couple of other companies also had oriental-influenced lines.

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