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gabby_49April 2, 2005

I still think of you all often and read the posts. Am wondering aobut all of you and how things are going for each of you. I haven't seen Nora post for awhile, and was thinking about her and her mother ,who wasnt doing good but then some of her past posts say she has good and bad days. Also Linda, have you made the decision as to place your mother or not? I know it is devastating to do when you have cared for them for so long. Sometimes tho we have to look at what is best for them and also our primary health reasons too, with ourselves. Caregiving can be debilitating and if we aren't good to ourselves then we are no good to them. Kathy....how is things there with your Mother and your family. Is she home yet?

Derry, looks like I am classified along with you now, done did the caregiving journey and now adjusting to life as it was again. How is life treating you? Think of you often.

We are still trudging along with work and being gone from home. We figure DH will have to work at least another three years, to get his a reasonable "pension", one that we can live on, and then waiting paientely for the "social security), when we reach that wonderful age. There is just no way at 56 to retire with out some pentalties that they will enforce. So we just keep doing what we are doing for another amount of time.

All of you take care, and I hope someday we all can live those retirement years with ease, and enjoy some of life.... and what we all want to do. Bless all of you and I will post at another time. Hugs...Gabby

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Hey Gabby, Things are going o.k. I have been busy helping get things done outside...still have so much to do....haven't been on much...I hit the bed early with all of this work and fresh air...LOL...Thur. it was beautiful...no wind,warm...Mom got to sit and swing for a long time...Dad was down in the garden and I repoted plants and potted hanging baskets...Dad's green house is finally looking empty. Dad has planted his garden...can't believe how he pushes...has a hard time walking and is in pain but he just keeps on...said if he stopped it would get him down...makes my heart break to see be in such pain...working outside and with his plants and garden is his only joy and it keeps his mind busy. Everything is blooming and I love being outside and the time I have with Mom and Dad....Mom is just doing o.k....we haven't had another all nighter...her eating is good...have times when she will cough and have to stop...she is so wonderful...so good...never a minutes trouble....my DS came last Monday for awhile....been 2 weeks...think she feels like with me not working that she doesn't need to come....oh well...her loss...she does call..and when I tell her Mom is having a bad day..she will say...that's the way it is with alz. and then change the subject...doesn't have a clue...never will...I have just given up on her getting it...LOL...just enjoy each day with Mom and Dad and if she wants to be apart of their life it is up to her...not getting any comment from me!!! Sorry...just had to vent...same old story....glad to hear that things are going o.k. with you all. Are you getting outside and working in your yard?? So much to do...right...mowed the yard today and it looks so green and pretty. Take care and I will try to stay up and post more often...God Bless, Nora

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Hi, Gabby!!! Yes....I guess...I think...um...okay...I think that maybe we've made the decision to finally place Mom. Now that she doesn't know where she is, which is her bedroom, and who's who sometimes, and is becoming so much weaker (she nearly fell for me today, and thank goodness my DH was within yelling range to come and rescue us!), we all think this will be for the best. She's having an Alzeimer's assessment done on Monday, then the CCAC rep will visit on Tuesday to get the paper-work started for placement. I've received so much wonderful information here and from friends in town who have gone thru this that in some ways she'll be safer in a more secure location. She's up wandering again at nights and has set the house alarm off again, and I'm so afraid of her going near the stairs...I'm holding in my thoughts the more happier meetings we'll have with her when we visit or take her for outings.

So much to think about...and we want to enjoy what time we have left of our retirement years....and we're so tired with being awake during the night and catching cat-naps during the days...

Gabby..keep in touch with us...you have so much wisdom to share along with others here....

Blessings and safe journeys

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