Cake Plate With Dome

valmont325September 1, 2012

So i came across this Beauty today, think i have identified it but i cant find a value or date on this.

On replacements . com i found "Cake Plate With Glass Dome in the Windsor-Clear pattern by Federal Glass Co"

Its all exactly the same except that one is a stand as where mine is just a plate. but of course it doesn't show price either. So any help?

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They may not be a set. Just a glass plate with a dome that looks to be from a 2 piece cheese set~the other piece would be a round wood cutting board. We'll wait to see what Linda has to say, she's the expert.

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What i love about this is the weight. The dome is soo heavy. And the plate. I dont know if u can tell by the photo but it curves up like a pie pan/plate would. As where most cake plates with domes are flat. I am hoping its got some age and value to it. Not tons but something.

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I've been around for a lot of years and collected antique glass for more than 40 years....and have never seen a patterned glass cake plate with a plain glass dome. In fact I have seen precious few glass cake domes until just these past few years....when the Princess house lines and the Martha Stewart lines came out.
I believe you have a nice old cake plate.....and a dome...not a set.
There are lots of similar domes and cakeplate "sets" on ebay asking about $30.....and a few where the dome has a pattern reflecting the pattern on the plate....those are asking for more.
I have 6 or 7 old pattern glass cake plates and a couple of plain glass domes that were meant to be cheese domes....smaller than a cake dome.
I have never seen a matching antique plate and dome for an auction, a shop or an antiques show.

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Although nobody ever stopped anyone from placing a cloche over a pastry plate, it was never the custom to sell them as sets in old glass and I have seen only one exception, and that was a depression pedestal pastry server with the dome being patterned the same as the plate.

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If you like it, and it works for you, that's all that matters. Is it really important if the pieces are antique or not?

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Thanks everyone.

patty- it does matter because i am learning all i can about antiques and vintage items. I work at an antique shop and my boss allows me to buy stuff and sell on consignment so i usually turn to this site when i cant find any info myself.

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