Value of old Texaco sign

notitfortatSeptember 23, 2010

This sign is about 4'x3'. It is not porcelain but appears to be tin or fiberglass. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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I have few signs listed in Kovel's 2010 book under auto, but the Texaco ones have lot more words, so not much help,Texaco gasoline, oil with red & white & star is $550 out of tin,(I think) 42 in.,most of other Texaco signs mentioned are porcelain. Your sign is plainer & not in best condition but would look good in a game room or as decor at a truck stop that sells Texaco in the diner, etc. Could try e-bay & see if they have any. Need to try to find out what years these colors were used. Some Texaco has Sky Chief with it so they are whole different thing.

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Thanks sunnyca. I was wrong about the size as it is at least 7 feet. I got a great deal on it and am hoping I can make a nice profit.

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There is a show on the History Channel on Monday evening called American Pickers. These two fellows cruise the backroads finding all sorts of items in old farms for there antique shop. One of the types of items they are always buying are old signs of various designs but most often gasoline station signs. If you get this station, might give you some idea of the value of your sign.

As always with this type of sign, finding a buyer/collector is key. The old saw is that an item is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay.

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Thanks texasredhead. I love American Pickers. I've seen every episode more than once. :) And I do have some idea as to the value but just wanted to make sure I am indeed asking a fair price when I sell it. I got it for a song and should do pretty well when I sell it. Thanks again.


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I'd say the sign is worth around $300 - $400 if you can find a buyer. The green "T" was the first emblem for Texaco signs (early 1900's) but I am not sure when the color changed, so not sure the age of your sign. Do you know? I see a tag and some info written on your sign.

I come from a Texaco (Texas Company) family. My grandfather was VP in the 40's, and in charge of gas rationing during the WWII. My Dad and brother followed in his footsteps.

My brother has all types of old Texaco signs, pumps, etc. in his recreation room. There were several old signs in his warehouse, but someone broke in and stole them all. :(

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Thank you newhomebuilder. It's a shame that such a dastardly thing happened to your brother. I imagine it was quite a collection.

The only thing on the tag there was the price. I know nothing about the age of the sign. I certainly wish I did.

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This site gives a date of 1963 for your sign.

Here is a link that might be useful: Texaco logos

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Found the following!

Here is a link that might be useful: SOLD

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This is a great sign. The lettering is super cool. A while back, I started collecting porcelain signs, and now I have hundreds of them. You can see them on my blog -- I would love your input. Thanks for sharing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Trash Trasures of New York City

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This sign is mainly used in gasoline and i think you will definitely get profit after selling it.

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It is definitely not made of tin - too expensive and soft. Very likely, if of metal, is is aluminum or plated and painted steel. It should be easy to tell the difference between metal and fiberglass. If of fiberglass, it might be a "lay-up" with mounting means molded in with the layup. If you thump the sign, fiberglass will repsond with a dull thud whereas a metal construction will sound much brighter with higher frequencies in the sound.

At 7 ft, it was likely displayed on a pole outside a real, honest to goodnes, filling station. It shows the normal sun scalded fade of being outdoors for several years. It is in pretty good shape for an old outdoor sign.

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