Mom says she's a money machine!!

ginnierApril 18, 2006

How do I respond to that!! She and Dad need to move out of their home...and even she will admit that she would've moved into a broom closet at this place we have been looking at because my dad is (as a result of age or minor stroke) very little company or help around the house. And she is feeble physically but not too bad mentally (in fact, sometimes, too sharp LOL). They have meals sent in 3X a week (they are blah to say the least, but dad eats every morsel and praises them). They have a cleaning gal once a week that whisks her magic wands thru the place. Mom can warm something up in a pan, or bake a roast and add potatoes, but it wears her out to just decide what to fix and then get it together, by the time supper is ready she's too pooped to set it on the table. She and Dad neeeeed to be taken care of. But it costs about $3000 a month and practically everything that you can think of is provided. There's additional assistance there if they need it later on... I just want them to move; it won't be long and the errands that we still are able to do now, they won't be interested in. I so want them to go be pampered. They are stuck in their own home, very little company and outings, other than my hubby and I and what we provide. Dad does still do coffee and golf and 3X/wk. exercise, but Mom is stuck to the tv and a hand held solitaire game. What can I say to her?

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sounds like it is time for either 'assisted-living' or a Sr citizens complex.


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