ID'ing Lace Runner

justlindaSeptember 5, 2009

I believe that a member posted some lace a couple of months ago, but I can't for the life of me, remember if it was decided what this lace was called. On my 'out & about' today, garage sale doing, I bought this table runner for 49¢ and was wondering how to describe it to my friend ~ is it crochet, bobbin, or ? (maybe plain, old poor man's lace). Here's a couple of pics:

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I think the consensus was that it's cluny lace.
Lucky you!!
Linda c

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Thanks, Linda c.

I somehow knew I could count on you to remember.

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'Twas I, and my mind is blank (I'm sick right now) as to what that particular piece was. I had two major threads, as it were, and I think your piece is more like the second thread -- it's a kind of lace that is re-embroidered onto a preexisting grid. I'll try to dig it up tomorrow but you can search under 'flyleft lace' and it should probably come up.

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Flyleft....sorry you're sick....hope it's not the h1n1 stuff.
It was a set of placemats.
And the date was sometime in the last 2 weeks of Februrary.
Linda C

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Lots of info and pictures on this link.

Here is a link that might be useful: previously about lace

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Linda, thanks for the kind words. This bug is so weird. It's not H1N1 because it's lasting too long, and it's not so much flu-ish as infection-ish. I've gone through a round of Zithromax and I'm refilling it today because I'm not better. :(

And thanks for finding the thread! Justlinda, I am thinking that your pieces look more like the last thing mentioned in the thread, in May, a big tablecloth. The generous expert who lives near me, to whom I sent pics, identified it as filet guipure (sp?) which can still have the little flower accents, but the overall piece is more gridlike and angular than the first placemats I posted. What do you think? At any rate, it's a good point of comparison between the second piece and the first, which the same expert called cluny.

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Fly.....get on some levaquin! If 2 z-paks don't get'll need something else.

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Thanks, linda...I agree about needing to try something else, but what I read about levaquin makes me *really* leery. I have some neuropathy anyway in my toes (weird Pacific Northwest thing due to the damp cold and my not wearing socks in the house)...don't need to have them go on me completely!

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Well I'm, a survivor of feeling in my toes, so it doesn't matter! But I don't know that neuropathy is a side effect of levaquin...
Hopefully the bad bugs are gone by now....

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Ay ay ay, linda, I meant to reply to this. I'm sorry to hear about your neuropathy...taxol is a wicked drug...hope it at least had the effect it was prescribed for.

And yes, I'm basically feeling better, and DD and DH were able to keep the bug from taking them over by aggressive use of colloidal silver, vinegar, honey, and elderberry extract. Neither of them got it as bad as I did.

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