Excellent local article on Care Giving

fairegoldApril 25, 2005

This appeared in this morning's Salinas Californian, an excellent story about one family that illustrates the problems of Baby Boomers caring for their parents. It's nothing new to most folks who read this forum, but it's really an excellent article, and maybe new people will get some insight from it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fighting for her father's life

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Oh, my. Many of us could have written that about our own situations...this was beautifully written with much warmth. Thank heavens there are real CARING facilities around; it may take some searching, and waiting, but they're there. I don't know how far away they're moving, but perhaps it will turn out to be a good thing...I know I can't visit every day, it's just too exhausting for me, so I choose to see Mom every second day. I do that for ME, however, as Mom doesn't seem to know I'm actually visiting or if I've just returned from an adjacent room. We do have lovely visits, however, and tomorrow, two of my girlfriends are coming with me again....She is so loved by our friends...
Thanks for the article....more people need to be made aware of what the future may hold for them and their parents; many decisions can be made before panic sets in...As for our DD, she said it's off to "Shady Pines" for us! hahaha!!

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