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elanalvApril 9, 2006

I've been reading posts here off and on for some time and I've seen some very good advice. I have a question I hope someone can help me with. I've been helping with my parents who have both been very ill over the last year or two both with cancer. My father actually passed in the fall of last year and while I was helping my mother go through his things, recently, I found lots of unopened pescription meds and stuff that might have had one or two taken out of a whole bottle. My mother brought some back to the doctor's officed and they took it, but some she left. Stuff that is in the boxes right from the doctor. I have no idea what to do with this stuff but I can't see thowing it out. Does anyone know of oranizations that take this stuff?

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I may be wrong but I think that there is some sort of regulation to prevent re-using prescription meds by others. Some of the medical missions to third world countries make use of donated medications, but I don't know how you would contact them.

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Also check with your local veterinarian. A lot of the medications are also used for animals.

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I think the stuff I have right at the moment is an appetite stimulant so I don't think the vet is going to really be able to use it. Everything else that didn't go back to the doctor has now been chucked, which truly pained me knowing how many people out there can't afford to get meds because they have no insurance. Thanks for the tips though. I'll keep trying to see if anyone can use it. This is still an incredible and frustrating journey. Thanks again for the suggestions. Take care.

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I think there is probably a big liability issue involved in donating used meds -- e.g., if someone has an adverse reaction, they would sue (insert parties here), etc. Sad, but true -- and you are so right about many people not being able to afford meds.

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If any of them are narcotics (morphine, oxycodone, etc.), save them and hoard them. If ever the time comes when you need them they can be very difficult to obtain. Often-ridiculous protocols and everyone covering their tails while your loved one is in pain and you wait for a call-back.

Everything non-narcotic is easy. Throw the rest out.

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lasershow, I know what you are saying which is why most of what he had went down the toilet. It just hurts to see unopened packages of stuff get tossed as well. His doctor gave him an entire case with individual boxes of that medication. Like maybe 12 or 16 small boxes. All still sealed, etc. I tossed it and like I said, it hurt to do it. LOL. As far as narcotics, I really felt those were dispensed to my father without regard for what might happen, and I honestly felt he got very dependent on them. So much so much so I think it was a contributing factor to his ultimate failure to recover from surgery well and at other times. As a very active man in his 70's, after his surgery when the drugs started, he was dispondent, depressed, and very dependent on pain killers. (Mind you, he was cancer free at that point.) And they just kept writing perscriptions for more drugs no matter what I said. So... there will be no saving narcotics in my home. I'm going down this road with my mother as well, but her attitude is much different from his. Hopefully, I won't have to make those kinds of decisions for some time.

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