Son is not happy

jeanninetxApril 25, 2005

Well we did another urine sample, and bingo! big time infection and since the local Dr. can no longer give him the normal anti-biotics, due to the infections resistance, he will be on IV meds. for 10 days. Not happy, but he at least gets to stay home, no hospital for him. We have had this happen twice before, and I know what to do, just it does cut into your spare time.

The home health in our little town, knows us and has his records so they are no strangers to him or his condition.

They do have to do the IV shunt, but I do the changing and etc. of the IV bags. Their concern and ours, is his veins become collapsed after a day or two, so they will be out to change the IV cath. quite a bit.

He had no fever, just "felt" like his bladder was cramping, and we took a sample to the Dr.

His Dr. has just thrown up his hands in regards to these infections, nothing he can prescribe will touch this.

So a busy 10 days coming up. I will still be in touch with you guys, but had to let loose a bit of steam, if you know what I mean.

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Jeannine you poor person! i remember (gee i always seem to have these stories don't i? - lol). when al had the iv antibotics at home too, the VON's (or home health care) would come to the house 4 times a day and the final nurse would come at 11:30 at night, and she would stay for 2 hours or so when the bag was finished. al also had terrible veins, each time he goes into the hospital they have to get an icu nurse or operating nurse to come in to put in the shunt. so i know exactly how you feel! but al too didn't want to go to the hospital and is a terrible patient, so on the good side your son gets to stay home with you, and his days will go by faster being at home. let us know how you are feeling and how he's doing! debbie

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Jeannine, so sorry about your son. I hope everything goes well and time flies for both of you...Please keep in touch and let us know how everything is going, okay?

And vent away, Honey!! That's what we're here for! Big shoulders! (big everywhere else, too, but that's a whole other story!;-)


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Well got all the supplies from WalGreens Home Health in Austin, at least they deliver. Never saw this type of IV before. Michael said it is the new type, has a balloon inside this small bottle, the balloon pushes the solution into the vein, so no bag hanging from a hook. News to Me!!
So tomorrow AM, the nurse comes out and we go from there.

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Hope they can get on it, so he can feel better soon! New things just keep on cropping up...inventions, I mean. It is amazing. Know he is glad to be avoiding the hospital. Good luck to all! Just what you needed for spring, eh! Derry

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Not great that he is on IV, but neat that they have come out with something new! i had the old, old IV pole that weighed about 30 lbs, al had brought it home from the college (they have a nursing programme there, and guess where all the nurses go -- to Texas - lol, please don't take it the wrong way, nurses get paid alot more in the states than in canada, i'd go to in a flash), because they were throwing it out, and i had painted it black and hung a flowering basket from it! (poor thing did double duty). al also said to mention to you and he said that you probably already knew this, but he said, the nurses would warm a towel in the microwave (but make sure it isn't in there too long and to watch that it doesn't catch on fire!) and put it on his hand for a bit, it makes it easier to the iv site in. my best for your son! debbie

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Jeanine, I hope your son will be feeling better sure to take care of yourself too!

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OMG Jeannine, I had no idea all this was going on there, and with you getting or having company to boot. Or didn't they come? I am so sorry.. Why don't you ever call me?? I always have a shoulder for you to vent to don't you know that??

You had better be resting in between girlfriend!!
Talk to ya soon.

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