How to Evaluate Progress?

mxyplxApril 27, 2012

Just how does the care giver evaluate the care givee's progress up or down? There seems to be 2 functions here; SW's declinig abilities and my increased coping abilities. Net result looks like a straight horzontal line. Of course there will be deteorization but how can it be quantified? As in reporting to the Doc.

Fomerly when questioned, "How is SW doing?" I've said about 95% but lately have changed that to, "She's in the right league but the wrong ball park." This doesn't do it for the Doc.

I have Googled 'guideline for evaluating alzheimers progress' and am wading thru that morass of excess information searching for an article that gets to the heart of the matter, sticks to the point and doesn't present 3 pages of introductory remarks. I don't need background...... perhaps a different search term? but that was a 1st shot.

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I'll suggest that you contact the local Alzheimer's Association. They have materials and support groups. The groups are for you and others to share experiences, and that will go a long way to answering your question,

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My husband has multiple sclerosis. About three years ago, his neurologist gave him a written test like an IQ test. "A is to B as C is to ? (multiple choice)". He did badly and knew it. Doc said "You have Alzheimers-like-symptoms". He sees the same neurologist about every six months. Altho he is able to carry on a conversation, it's apparent hubby is not "all there". It's a daily struggle.I do notice he's "sundowning" (worse at night).

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