Mom fell out of bed

mimi427April 11, 2005

My mom got up earlier and told me she fell out of bed last nite...I've checked her over bumps or bruises (thank God), just a cracked nail. She said she found herself falling and caught herself...that is how she cracked the nail. I didn't hear a thing. We keep her door closed because she doesn't want the dogs wandering in there at bedroom is just down the hall from hers and I keep my door open. She was able to get back into bed and slept the nite, but of course, it has shaken me...what could have happened. I'm going out now to buy bed rails and a baby monitor. She doesn't like the idea of the rails - says she won't be able to get out of bed (she never does...sleeps straight through 12 - 15 hours), but she did like the idea of the monitor. Just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions to keep her safe at nite? I can't believe how much this has upset me...I keep telling myself to breathe....

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Mimi, that was also one of my biggest fears: Mom falling and us not hearing her! I had a large school-bell beside her bed that, if she needed me, she could ring or shove onto the floor: there's no way to ignore that sound!
We also tried an intercom, but she never did get the knack of buzzing us even when she was lucid, so a baby monitor is the way to go.

The one thing I'm concerned about are the bed rails. Statistically, our elderly are more severly injured by trying to climb over bed rails when they need to get out of bed than just slipping onto the floor from bed. That's why they're not used in many nursing homes. There are rails that attach to the bed and are only a foot or more wide to give them something to grasp onto when getting into and out of bed, and that may help...Does your Mom have wall-to-wall carpeting in her room? If not, maybe a very large, stable one could be used to cushion a slip out of bed?

Also, do you know why she fell? Was she trying to get out, or did she just turn over and fall? Perhaps pillows, or a large body-pillow tucked under her blankets along the edge could help re-direct her turning over? She may not be getting up in the middle of the night yet, but there will come a time, and rails scare me....

Anyway...I'm glad to hear she only broke a nail! Good grief.
I hope you find a solution for her...maybe putting her bed against a wall, or positioning a dresser beside her bed?

Good luck, I've been there, and I know how frightening it all can be! Thank heavens she's loving her new home and is vitually THRIVING in it! She's so happy and always has something new to tell us about! What a miracle! But what a decision to have had to make!


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Mimi, I think the baby monitor is a good idea, my uncle had one in his room when he was living with my sister...but he had the TV up so loud you couldn't hear anything anyway. Bed rails wouldn't work for him since he gets up several times a night. His door is always open and mine partially open, and I am also a light sleeper. He has fallen out of bed too. These things happen, and I know it is opinion is to try the monitor, but the bed rails might be a problem if your Mom ever needs to get up at night.

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Linda is correct...really try to avoid the rail. The person falls from the height of the top of the rail, rather than the mattress. Intercom is a good idea, put the bed down as low as possible, or even box springs and mattress sitting directly on the carpet. Maybe a thick carpet beside the bed, BUT tacked down for no trip or slip. This is a tricky problem, but rails not the answer. The "Bed Handle" IS very helpful to one trying to stand without falling...helps with balance. Good luck. Glad she was not injured. Derry

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Hi Mimi! your Mom is so, so lucky she ony broke a nail! my hubby Al is a double above knee amputee, and i remember him falling out of his wheelchair! (this was before we got anti-tippers, something else for amputees, kindof like weights, sorry, i can't remember the name, and a special belt so he wouldn't slip out), the guy who sold us the wheelchair was a mega -loser he didn't even know to sell us these other important things, he just wanted his money, infact, after they sell you a wheelchair, they are suppossed to send someone over to make adjustments, never heard from them again after they got their insurance check! anyways, al has had this fear of falling out of the bed, he had a bedrail that is only about 16 inches or so wide and the bars that hold it in place go between the 2 mattresses, i think i got it out of sears catalogue for about 150.00 cdn dollars. i am a firm believe of the baby monitar, i can take the one outside with me, i can hear him breathing and it's nice to just have. but one word of advice is if your neighbour has one, and you keep your monitor only one you can pick up what is going on in their home, and visa versa! - i thought be were boring, but the young couple who has a year old - 6 houses down the street is even more boring! i also have a nite light on, but i think everyone has that, also i have a pay as you go cell phone, for those days i have to go to the grocery store or drive the kids somewhere. perhaps you could go to the red cross or someplace like that and rent some railings or whatever before you drop alot of money. debbie

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Hi mimi... Thank God your mother didn't get hurt. Falling is always a concern with the elderly. I used two baby monitors with my mother (upstairs and down). There were half rails on her hospital bed. The bottom half can be kept lowered all the time. The one near her head could remain up and would be handy for your mother to grab for support. My mother's insurance provided the bed and rails. ~breezy

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Thanks SO much everyone for your suggestions. I did not get the rails, but did order the 12" wide bed has a board that slips between the mattress and box spring so it won't pull out if leaned against. She can use it to help her get out of bed and I'm hoping that it will stop her from rolling out of bed. We will position it from under her armpit to her abs...if she rolls over and up against it, I hope it will wake her before she falls out of bed. I also picked up a baby monitor and have set that up...guess we'll see how interesting my nights will be...I have the monitor right by my side of the bed. My husband snores REALLY loud and so does my I will now get it in stereo!!! Thank goodness there is a volume control on it -- too bad there isn't one on my DH !!! Guess you have to have a sense of humor, huh?
Linda, I'm so glad that things are working out so well for your mom...I know my day will come when I'll need to make "that decision" and it's so good to know that there are good LTC facilities. How wonderful for you to have the peace of mind knowing she is in good hands...again, thanks to all

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