For Blue Star range owners, what configuration?

KitchenConfusedFebruary 11, 2013

About to order my new gorgeous red Blue Star 36inch 6 burner range. Their standard config is, going left to right, starting at the top: simmer, 22K, 22K.
Then on the bottom 15K, 22k, 15K

would anyone change that for any reason?
i have the island trim.

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I'm looking at a Bluestar as well (60" Heritage RNB), but will order with all 22k burners. I can always turn down, use the griddle, or use diffusers if I want something really low. I prefer having the option of full power on all burners.

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@KC, the normal BS 36" layout is:

S 15 15
22 15 22

I think you got the 15s and 22s reversed.

There was the thread somewhere that BS can't put the 22k burners on the back tier due to high heat output.

@coop, that will be a pricey range but if you've got budget for it and BS can do it (see above), more power to you. It might be cheaper to get a full-on commercial range even with the extra buildout needed for insulation. You also should look into the gas supply needed for that many BTUs. Most commercial ranges require a larger gas feed.

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OH @winnetkaJAK thank you for pointing that out! i must have written that down as what someone on GW recommended i change the configuration to. Do you know if it's possible to change? I hope so, since i really think i need one 22k in the back. Thanks!

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I might have mis-remembered the thread. The one below says you can get any config you want (read about 3/4 of the way down), but I'm sure I read somewhere else that there were some limitations. I'll try to search for it later.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old BS thread

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Yes, pretty sure you can get all 22k burners. There has been more than one member on GW that have purchased such units.

Coop2925, if you go this route you will have to have at least a couple of the 22k's very finely tuned to get a decent simmer. I have one of my 22's on my bs adjusted to where I achieve a very good simmer, but I still like having the small burner as I like having an ultra low simmer, plus it is great for very small diameter cooking vessels, one such example would be a Moka Pot.

I gotta say a 60" Heritage RNB would be one SWEET (and pricey) kitchen tool.

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I found at least one reference to the 22k burners being a problem on the back of the range. This discussion is pre-V1 RNBs, so it may not be an issue anymore. Anyhow, take it for what it's worth. It's just below the Rick Bayless link and it does refer to other similar discussions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rear HO burner

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I had a 22K on the back on my first Bluestar and it was never a problem. The only thing I'd say that I've learned about configuration is that I need the simmer burner behind my less frequently used front burner. The reason is that I do a lot of tossing and sauteeing and searing and the grease flies back and coats the burner directly behind quite badly. The small burner being often slammed with grease created a cleaning problem for me. As a result, on the new BS I left the standard configuration of the 22s up front and the simmer behind the more infrequently used front burner (the left burner for me given that I'm right-handed with my work space to the right of the range). Hopefully that makes sense.

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I wish my center rear burner was also a simmer. Or, perhaps, the one in the front center (might be better option). That simmer burner is really great. Only problem with it being in the back is when I have a giant saute pan with sauce and meatballs simmering, it is too big to fit in the center of the burner with the backsplash. Often I have it up front on the 15k burner, with double stacked grates under it.

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Thanks guys--helps a lot. I think i'm going to just make one switch from the original. So i'm going to do S, 15, 22
then 22, 15, 15.
@beekeeperswife, i know that someone on GW has figured out a way to make any of the burners a simmer. You may want to research it? i can help try and find that link if u need.

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