MIL Fading?

cindymouseApril 24, 2006

Hi all,

Haven't visited here for awhile. My MIL lives with us, for 9 years now. She's 81, with numerous health issues.(osteoporosis, mild emphysema,-was 50 year smoker,vascular dementia-had mini strokes until corrective carotid surgery). About 2 years ago, she was found to have a 5.5 cm aortic aneurysm. For several reasons, she opted not to have the elective surgery (much too invasive, she is pretty frail). So, she doesn't go for ultrasounds-doesn't want to know. I can't blame her.

Since Christmas Eve, when she fainted and spent 2 days in hospital,(all tests and scans showed ok-they didn't re- test the aneursym) she seems to be on a downward slide. Some days are still very normal and good, and then every 1-2 weeks, she'll seem fine and then become suddenly so weak and fatigued that she'll have to spend the rest of the day in bed-sometimes can barely make it to bed on her own. She has Lifeline, but sometimes doesn't think to use it.

There have been many episodes of mild dementia symptoms. Too many to list. Maybe because we're here with her we notice every little thing.

I guess I'm wanting to know what to expect from here-probably a silly question-but does anyone think her aneurysm may be causing this sudden onset of weakness/fatigue, or could it be just a combo of everything stacking up against her.

My husband and I are trying to steel ourselves further for what else may come.

Thanks for any insight.

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At her age??? Yes, unfortunately, she's fading and going downhill. How fast or when she will get worse is anybody's guess. She probably is having more and more little strokes. With emphysema, she's most likely not getting all the oxygen she needs and getting weak and staying in bed is one way of making the best of what little energy she has. One day at a time is about all you can do except try to keep her as comfortable and worry free as possible.

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I would not worry about the aneurism. In a blunt way of speaking, it's not responsible for a long slow decline. My Dad died of his aneurism at age 93. It goes one of two ways, a sudden burst with is almost instantaneous. Or a leak that causes internal bleeding, which was Dad's case. He passed away in about 24 hours. But he had played 9 holes of golf the day before. And that was a good thing. ;-)

The other factors are more likely to be causing her decline.

My heart is with you. Mother passed away in December, age 95, of pneumonia. She probably had a lung tumor also, seen in an xray 6 months earlier, but that we decided not to treat. It might have been a factor in the pneumonia. (BTW, Mother never smoked or was around much second hand snmoke in her life.)

She also felt like she was failing in the last few months. It all just piles up, I guess.

Again, my heart and prayers are with you. Take one day at a time, and make every day count, even if it's just to see a lovely flower, hear a beautiful song or laugh at a good joke. And come here and vent whenever.

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