Are there super absorbent diapers?

sundaysilenceApril 10, 2010

Hello all this is my first message/post.

My father is 100% incontinent due to a prostate operation. He is doing well and wears a texas catheter as well as a diaper as he sometimes has loose bowel movements. Lately he has had three urinary tract infections, this year. Up till then he had the catheter for 2+ years with no infections.

If I take him off the catheter either for a little while or permanent, is there some super absorbent diapers that can provide absorbency and no odor? Right now I use depends or whatever I find on sale at CVS they are ok unless his catheter leaks or overloads.

He goes to day care 4-5 times a week and I want him to smell decent etc. What brands products would you recommmend?

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I used the overnight brand of Tena's for my Mom which I found were much more absorbant than the Depends.


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We used Tena briefs at the day program where I worked.
We weren't allowed to say "diaper". They call them briefs. However, even the clients called them diapers. LOL

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Is he also using medication to help the leakage? My son uses medication and it helps a lot, but if we are out or for some reason can't attend to him quickly enough, like a family dinner, I add one of the female incontinence pads along with the depends. Makes a world of difference. Is you Dad taking antibiotics for the UTI's? That is probably where the loose stools come from.

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Some of the "Bladder control" companies sell an extra absorbent add-on pad that works like a panty-liner but doesn't have the plastic backing for the urine to have to flow around, and possibly out the sides. check your favorite company's web site to see if they offer such a pad, then you can request them at your store.

I'm a 43years-old with incontinency issues. I, and a few that I have talked to, have found that Poise does a better job at long term odor control, even when in the bathroom trash.

Anti-biotics can kill the good enzymes in the intestine causing Intestinal Yeast infections and/or diarrhea. Lifeway's Kefir, Activa or similar products will help replace the good enzymes in the body. OR Acidophilus [must be stored in the fridge to stay active] pills that you can get at a health food store (other stores keep them on the shelf which weakens the enzymes)taken for 10 days will get it back in balance too.

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My first time here.

I have found that the Tranquility Brand of under garments are very good. Supposed to hold up to 32 oz. fluid for their overnight ones. I use them day and night for my husband. Kerr Medical website has them. I personally like them better than Tena.

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if dad is getting frequent utis you may want to make sure cath is cleaned after each bm.The catheter should be taken off and thoroughly cleaned daily.most likely fecal matter is getting in the urethra..also tena are best they pull urine and feces fluids away from the skin, id also recommend using a and d ointment or something similar on his bottom and scrotum to prevent any skin issues. Im wondering why the briefs an issue at daycare..dont they change him? Another thing you may be able to try is maybe just keeping the cath off at home and still using it for daycare to avoid him getting embarrassed or frequent changes that might irritate him. Im sure you know this already but cranberry juice and good fluid intake can help get and keep utis under control.

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