Age of this Hoosier?

robins143September 14, 2009

My daughter picked this up off of CL for $80. It is in fairly good shape, but is missing the bottom 2 doors.It was missing the original hardware. There are drawers-she just has them elsewhere to paint.

She has sanded & primed it, as someone had done a bad spray paint job on it. The owner told her that it was her mothers and from the 1930's. Could it be that old? I am guessing more early 1950's.



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I'm going to go with your guess on the age. Have seen a lot of Hoosier's and those from 30's and earlier don't have the rounded, arched look, they are square/angular. But that's just the ones I've seen. Possibly 40's at earliest?

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Thanks for your reply Moonshadow. She wanted one of the older ones, but they go for at least $600 in terrible shape. She finished painting it a cranberry color and now is on the hunt for hardware to match the rest of her Victorian house.

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Hey, your daughter did a great job, that's really pretty!
I hear you about the price. In my area (land of where Hoosier cabs originated no less, so they aren't scarce) good ones can have an asking price of $1200. 'Decent' shape, $600-800, and they need TLC.

So I'd say your daughter scored!
Now if someone will help me out, because I'm drawing a blank, there is an online resource for all kinds of reproduction drawer pulls, knobs, etc. from various periods. Economically priced. Starts with an "r" I think, but it's not Rejuvenation...oh, it's driving me nuts...anybody know the site I'm talking about?

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moonshadow - Van Dykes Restorers????

Here is a link that might be useful: Van Dykes

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That's it!! Thanks, maddie! ;D

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Oh hey, Mom. I just posted this question myself and then found your post. Haha!
I'll have to check out the Van Dyke's website!

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Like you said, I've got your back... : )

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There is a book about the history of Hoosiers ... I think the author was Phyllis Kennedy. They also sold a lot of hardware to go with them and replacement parts.


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