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heydeborahApril 16, 2005

hi everyone, hope you don't have much snow in your yards! anyways my dd and i spend alot of time ready and going to the library, and came across a FREE magazine called ABILITIES i picked up 2 different copies, there is everything from AD, wheelchairs, adapting your home, the lighter side, stories of inspiration, and of course advertising. they were free at the library for you to pick up the the subscription seems abit pricey at 26.00 but it was a good read and had alot of interesting articles. debbie

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Thanks, Deb! You'd think with all the ads in those magazines, they could afford to give those away all the time! lol! I hope out libraries subscribe to them also...seems much more important information in them to so many people...if they can subscribe to "People" for heaven's sake, they can subscribe to that one! ;-)
Thanks for the heads-up, Debbie!

No snow here....lovely warm, bbq-ing days ... however, we saw our first mosquito yesterday, so up goes the umbrella screening! pphhhttt! ;-)


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Hi Linda! We had a BBQ yesterday, what fun, not! because i had to do it! why does food taste better when someone else makes it? the BBQ was Al's request and it was sooo warm here all weekend, infact it's raining right now and the grass is starting to turn green.
the Alilities mag is one that you can pick up for free - dd and i went to 2 of our libraries on the weekend and noticed that they are where the community involvement stuff it (like St. john's ambulance, health unit stuff, library info, i also think you could pick up this mag at your local PUSH offices (people for self help). enjoy the day, i'm inside dropped a rock on my OTHER foot so i'm icing it today (nothing broken, just swollen and bruised, what a gal!) debbie

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