How much do air injected shower heads cool the water?

james_444January 22, 2013

I'm remodeling a master bathroom and I am considering a Hansgrohe rain head shower. However Consumer Reports says that some of the air injected shower heads they tested cool the water between 5 to 15 degrees between the time it leaves the shower head until the time it hits your back. While saving water is a good goal it doesn't help much if I end up using all of my hot water when I take a shower.

Does anyone out there have a Hansgrohe air injected shower head and if so how much does the air injection cool the water stream?

Thanks in advance.

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If the shower head I bought for my recent remodel is of the type you're referring to (it's a Kohler Pinstripe Pure shower head of the "Katalyst" variety, which allegedly aerates to create a more realistic, heavy drop), I don't notice any odd temperature fluctuations at all. Plus, couldn't you just adjust the thermostatic valve hotter... My shower is the same temperature every day regardless of whether other toilets are flushed, dish/clothes washers going, etc.

I don't think these shower heads are designed to save water. At least that's not what Kohler is advertising them as.

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Thank you for your reply. What I meant was that Hansgrohe advertises that they add 3 parts of air to 1 part of water. The rationale is that the shower head will provide a fuller feeling shower by using injected air while still saving water. My concern is that adding ambient air to the shower stream will cool the water. Turning up the thermosatic value will use up my hot water faster and increase my electric bill. So while the air injected shower head may save water and reduce my water bill it may raise my electric bill if I have to use more hot water.

That is why I was hoping for some feedback on how much injecting air into the shower spray cools it off. As I mentioned Consumer Reports says it can be as much as 15 degress which is significent.

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I have a Hansgrohe Raindance 240 head. It might cool the water down. I just set the water hotter to make up for it, if in fact the water is getting cooled.

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