Can someone help identify this china cabinet?

Leximom1997September 8, 2012

We purchased this china cabinet from an estate sale and don't have any info on it. We know the wood is mahogany and that it's dated but we're not sure of the maker or exact time frame. There are no markings in the drawers nor is there a tag anywhere we can find. The only markings are on the back of the piece and they are d. 730-19 MAH. Here is a pic of the cabinet and the drawer pulls so maybe that will help someone to recognize something. Thanks in advance.

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Here is the pic of the drawer pulls.

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It's a piece commonly called a "break front". It has a broken pediment crown, the pulls and the style of the drawer fronts say 1930-ish to me. But the fretwork in the pediment and on the glass front speaks a little of Art Nouveau. Would love to see that work closer...I zoomed but it got blurry.
The wood you showed on the close up of the hardware looks like oak to me.
It's a lovely cabinet....not antique but appears to be very good quality stuff!
Linda C

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Fori is not pleased

I like it! Does it have different woods on the drawers? It doesn't all look oaky from here but the drawer closeup does.

"MAH" seems to be manufacturer shorthand for mahogany, but whether they mean the wood species or the reddish finish color probably depends on the company.

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whoops :/ took a picture of the drawer pull on top of my computer desk which is why it looks like different wood. I guess I should have pulled the drawer out and not just the hardware itself.

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It is really dark in my garage and zooming in on the higher megapixel camera looks pretty washed out, but here goes.

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Well, it didn't really work on the zoom in.. I appreciate your responses. It would be really cool if it was early 20th century as I thought it was only possibly a mid-century piece.

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Here I tried to zoom in on lower half.

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It's not the zoom but the quality of the about a view of the inside of a drawer...the dovetails. Can you borrow a better camera?

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Here's a good pic of the drawer as well I think.

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The brass does it for me. What Linda said. Late thirties is my first impression.

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Agree, looks like one of the sparsely trimmed-out "colonial" pieces that were popular beginning in the 1930s. These can be great, solid pieces that work well in all kinds of decor.

They used colonial features: the pediment, the divided glass, but were sleeker and sparse compared with the earlier "Colonial Revival" of the late 1800s. And more elegant than the 1950s "Colonial" maple stuff with allthe scalloped edges.

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Thanks all! It's really cool this might date back to the 30's and be such good condition. I appreciate your responses.

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Not sure if this might help me in anyway but the drawer pulls have an inscription on the handle that reads CB28. I tried to google with no luck. Any thoughts?

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Ohmygosh Leximom! I have an EXACT same China cabinet! In fact, I have the whole dining room set-China cabinet, large buffet, small server, trestle table with claw-foot legs, 4 side chairs, 2 arm chairs! It was purchased at a local auction (eastern PA) many years ago. Like you, I was eager to find any info on it. The other day I found tags on the undersides of the chairs. (Never thought to look there before until by brother suggested it.) The set was made by the Thomasville Chair Company of Thomasville, NC. I'm guessing around the 1930s. Here's a website for a history of the company: There's a Thomasville store nearby and I'm going there in the next few days with photos of all the pieces. I'm hoping they can give me more exact dates and any other info they have. If I find out more, I'll let you know. They're beautiful pieces, and I just cleaned ALL the draw pulls with Wright's copper cleaner. They look fabulous-bright and shiny again. Can't believe I found your post. I just noticed the numbers stamped ONLY on the China cabinet pulls and searched for that. Here's a photo of the buffet:

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