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heydeborahApril 15, 2005

Al has had a bad past couple of day, his doctor is off for a week. anyways he's had diarreaha for the past couple of days, i think i've managed to figure out the problem, but he's used a ton of depends. also carley and i we talking about carley's friend angie (they have been best friend for about 4 years and stays over here quite abit) al said who's angie. they when we were driving matthew to the airport on tuesday i said look at the guy hitchhiking, he's going up to the people's cars, make sure the doors are locked (they should be locked anyways, but..) he says what guy? also he has only slept about 4 hours in the past 2 days and has to sleep with the light on really bright (i was smart and moved in carley's old bedroom - lol), he also says his thighs are sore. frankly i am worried and am thinking the worse or things, but to get him to go to emerg. is like asking him to get up and walk - lol.

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Oh, dear!! that is enough to worry you. I know you know this already, but get plenty of fluids in him. That diarrhea will get him dehydrated, and that will upset his electrolites which might get him all fuzzy minded and upset. And of course, dehydration will get his blood sugar out of whack. Maybe by tonight, he will either be better or more willing to go to the ER.
Keep us posted.

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Deb...didn't he have diarrhea a while back from his meds? have you tried immodium (over the counter here...no Rx needed)? It is worrisome that he seems a bit confused, but no sleep will do that. What's keeping him awake? Derry

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PeaBee, i have been keeping him hydrated, he says that he is really thirsty and will only drink water - which has to come out of the "Brita" - lol, so that's good he doesn't want anything sweet, his blood sugars are fine, so that is good! i know that he had 6 immodium that day and they only started to "kick" in after numbers 5 and 6. i love this bedroom! i have slept fitfully for 2 nights now, but when i'm reading i can hear the tv and can see the light on bright (also he doesn't like the blinds closed!), my joke is everynight is are you landing the planes tonight and they have to see where they land? he says he feels better with the lights on incase he needs to take a pain pill (i just let it go at that). this am matthew says he's off to play charity hockey for the red cross (a fund raiser) and kevin is picking him up -- al asks who is kevin and when did you meet him? kevin is also a friend who has been over alot. also al slept most of the afternnon yesterday (which was nice, since i got to start croteting the martha stewart poncho - available free on lion brands site). it's already 55 out so i'm thinking i'll make him supervise me raking the front yard and hopefully he'll get enough fresh air to make him tired! enjoy your day! debbie

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Debbie: as for the diarrhea, try to keep him on the B.R.A.T. diet: bananas, rice, apple(sauce) and toast. I gave my Mom a banana every morning (she loves them and it became a joke when her bottom hit her living-room chair, I'd hand her a banana asap! ;-), and many times both the banana and applesauce before her breakfast. It helped tremendously....hope it helps Al, too.

As for Al not remembering people, names, keep an eye on that....chronic pain and discomfort can do awful things to people....I'll keep you in my prayers, Debbie.

Bless you

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Hi!!! How is Al today? Any big changes?
Keep us posted

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Hi everyone! well the diarrhea has settled down, thank goodness, only so many times you want to wash bedding - lol. but he doesn't have much of an appetite still ( unfortuntely for Al and his kidneys, he cannot have bananas, tomatoes or potatoes (only if they are double boiled, because of the potasium). so it's been bland meals! he is still up all night but slept for 2 hours yesterday afternoon. steven, matthews best friend came over last night, and went to say to al, al and he talked for about 5 minutes and he said who was that young man, he has such good manners! steven has been matthew's friend forever. i have made him a doctor's appoitment for 10 days from now (first doctor's appointment for went the doctor comes back). also i hve made a doctor's appoitment with the diabetic specialist - since his blood sugars have been way to low, even with giving him orange juice and a milk shake (even though this is a no-no, but it is fast acting). right now he is comfortably watching the special on the new Pope so maybe he will stay awake enough to tire himself out for sleeping in the evening. enjoy the day, it hot and humid and 68 degrees - we are expecting thundershowers today, hopefully the snow will go away now! going out to rake! debbie

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