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heydeborahApril 23, 2005

i just checked our in-box and found 9 junk e-mails for buying meds on line (for us citizens) i was just wondering, because this is illegal for canadians to buy their meds this way, and i am just being noisy, have any of you ever done it this way, or if you live near a canadian border have you ever seen a canadian doctor and get a prescription from him to buy your meds (this is very common, a bus that has alot of seniors comes across the border, but not in my city, and sees a canadian doctor and gets a prescription for their meds and gets it filled in canada, for alot less and i mean alot) have any of you done this, and if you do, i'd do the same thing, believe me, your prescriptions are alot compared to what we pay! just call me nosy!

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Hi Deborah,
Personally, I have not purchased meds in Canada (I live in the US), but I know there are a LOT of seniors doing it. You are right, drugs are so expensive here. There is a program, however, that seniors can apply for if they qualify (income has to be below a certain $ amount). It is called the Circuit Breaker and you can go on line and download the application. I did it for my mom and she qualified. She now has a Senior Drug Card which I gave to the drug store where I get her scripts. It doesn't cover all medications, but it does cover her memory meds (Aricept and Namenda - and they were costing $150 each per month), it covers meds for high blood pressure, cholesterol, Parkinson's - there is more, I just can't think of it right now. For the meds that are covered, if you get a generic, my mom pays $ if is a brand name, she pays $4.00. Unbelievable, huh? There is a yearly ceiling of $1,700. Once she hits $1,700, until the end of the year she pays 20% of the cost of the drug, which is still fantastic. Honestly, I don't know if this is just a state assisted program or a federal program. I live in Illinois, so obviously it is covered here, and I'm thrilled I was made aware of it. One more thing...some pharmaceutical companies have Patient Assistance Programs, whereby your doctor fills out an application requesting free meds from the company...again, you need to qualify (making under a certain dollar amount). My mom is on Lexapro, an antidepressant and she gets this med free from the drug company. She gets a 90 day supply and when she gets down to 30 days, I called the doctor's office and we re-apply. I have saved my mom hundreds of dollars a month on medication. Unfortunately, I just learned of all this within the past year, so she was paying for these meds for several years, but at least from this point forward she can take advantage of this...I hope this information will help someone well and take care, Mimi

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I live in the US, my cousin can't afford her meds anymore, she told me she does buy from Cananada.. It's just getting to expensive to live in the good ole US.. :(

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Personnally i am happy that people can find their meds at a lower price! we are fortunate to have a drug plan still through the college where al works (and the insurance company pays the benefits for us!). i guess i shouldn;t complain that we have to pay out the full 100% and wait for 85% to come back to us! al's drug expenses are around 700.00 per month. but our sun has the same insurance company as we do and he gets a card and only pays the co-pay on this inhaler it's 19.99 and he pays 1.91 pretty good. in the province i live in (ontario) seniors pay X amount per quarter about 150.00 or so and then their meds are free except for a 2.00 or so fee and most every pharmacy waives this fee. i do think it's sooo sad that a senior or anyone for that fact, has to decide can i afford these meds or do i want to eat. i do get my paxil --for my migranes -- so the doctor says for free (samples) if not they are 62.99 for 30 and becasue my doctor is off sick i guess i will pay te price they ask. those e-mails i get are for persons living in the states, that's why i was wondering, it is illegal for us to buy them on-line, and i just wouldn't trust them anyways, i like to be greeted in person.

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Well since DH was a retired US Navy man, our son was still considered a minor and was made a permanent dependant on our military insurance.
The other thing was he also retired from the Fed.Govt and they have a very good plan, not cheap, but it also put our son on as a permanent dependant.
They have a mail prescription plan, you have your Dr. submit a prescription for 3 months renew-able 3 times, that gives you a full year.
What is best about this plan, Medicare patients only pay 20 dollars for any prescription, and I mean any!!
Hubby is now under Medicare and gets those same benefits, me I am still too young??? so I have to pay I believe 30$. Since we are all on prescriptions that are expensive, I often understand why folks go to Canada, or down here, go to Mexico for their meds.

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