My husband has MS

jannieApril 9, 2008

... and it's killing me. He's had MS diagnosed about ten years, uses a walker, has a shower chair. I give him his daily shot of Copaxone, help him in and out of the car, lift the walker , which is rather heavy, in and out of the car, and in general, listen to his griping and moaning. Both his doctor and mine have suggested household help, but I don't know where to start. I'm sick also, I have kidney failure, go for dialysis three times a week, and I'm often tired, plus I can't use my left arm because of the dialysis. Where to start?

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The next time you see one of the doctors, ask him to recomend a health care agency. Or, check out the listings in the phone book. It's a lot easier to use an agency unless you can find exactly the right person yourself.

An agency will take care of all the problems with hiring help.....withholding taxes, social security deductions, insurance, etc. Plus, if the person doesn't work out, it's easier to ask for a replacement than it is to fire someone yourself.

It's important to go ahead and get someone before you injure yourself caring for him.

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Thanks, agnes. I'll do what you suggested, also will consult with the local branch of MS Society.

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Also, check what your county or city offers. Each region is different, of course, but my county in California offers an adult day care program along with respite care. They have a department of aging that coordinates several other programs too. Your state should also have a department of aging with access to several resources.

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Ask his Dr. about HOME HEALTH CARE - Medicare pays for additional home help (how much and what type varies) - I assume at least one of you is on Medicare? You'll need the Dr. to fill out and send in some forms.....My Mom has MS (and has had it for 50 years) and she had home health care for ages (she now is in a nursing home at age 90).


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jannie, sorry about the lateness of this post--just found it. As a former RN, home health is available in most states paid by medicare, but limited. This is the service where a patient must be homebound. There are other services. I highly recommend you check out your states' deptartment on aging for household services and other services available. There is a qualifying process and they will tell you about that. Illinois has excellent services, I was a case manager for 7 years before I retired and feel like we helped many seniors. I'm sure NY has a good one too. Good luck.

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Thanks, Jampak and everone else who answered.

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My DH has MS also, was diagnoised in 2000 when he went in for a hip replacement. Went for a new hip and came home in a wheelchair. You may want to look into "faith in action" they don't do anything medical but run errands, or sit and keep someone company, light housekeeping, bring people to appointments, etc. You may also want to look into the "medicaid waiver" in your state and see if you quality. I was on the waiting list for 9 years and my DH finally got a home health aide 2 months ago.

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