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fairegoldApril 2, 2005

Mother seems to have gotten a bad cold and I'm on my way over there right now. Now, I have copies of the POW and health directives here at home, and I also have some copies over at her apartment.

But now, I think I'll carrying these in my purse at all times. If I got a cell call that she's been taken to the hospital, I won't have to stop at home or at her place.

Any other helpful hints about these things? Yes, there is a copy with her doctor. But should I also drop a copy by the hospital where she would go, for their files?

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Mum's health directives are on file with her primary care physician and a copy is also in her record at the hospital. I periodically check with the administrator in the records office to see if anything needs to be updated or changed.

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I kept a copy in the door pocket of my car, and I made sure the physician and the nursing home had a copy, for each parent, when they were there.

My sister had financial POA, so we had copies of each others documents, just in case.

Good luck, and bring chicken soup! :)

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Dads family Dr. had a copy, and I always had some on hand to give the hospital, I made sure the nursing home had one, plus I made sure they all had the Living Will, so there was no question that I was the one they talked to.

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I always kept a file card in my purse with (1)diagnoses (2) medications (3) name and phone # of all the doctors (4) allergies . Also,for the day-care giver a statement giving permission to treat, in case she had to take her for any emergency treatment. Saved a lot of headaches. DW

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Here's one you may not ever think about. A medical power of attorney for your grandchildren if you keep them a lot. Especially if you keep them when the parents go out of town. If they have to go to a hospital in an emergency, there will be a lot of time lost trying to contact the parents for an OK before treatment. Of course, if it is a very serious situation, the child will be taken care of. You need the name of the pediatrician, and any other MD they might need, including a plastic surgeon.

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Thank you all. Mother has come down with a bad cold, and we have a MD appt in the morning, and I am making copies of the paperwork to drop off with every single entity we come in contact with. Sigh.

When you are 95, a simple cold is not simple....

Thanks to you all...


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