What type of desk might this be?

grassySeptember 21, 2009

This was my grandfather's desk. I'm trying to determine how old it might be, style, and whether or not it has value (beyond sentimental). Anyone have any ideas?

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It's called a Secretary Desk. Probably made of mahogany - kind of hard to see from darkness of photo. It was a popular wood for those desks, tho. Maybe 20's to 30's time period? (That's a guestimate based on others I've seen that are similar.) I found one at worthpoint that (as near as I can tell). Here's the worthpoint listing. If you register at their site I think you'll be given access to what it sold for.

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It's the type commonly known as a "Governor Winthrop desk" a slant front Chippendale mahogany secretary desk named after the first governor of Massachusetts.
Of course the first was made in the 18th century, but has been much reproduced since that time.
It's value depends on the quality of the desk....ones of the period are worth tens of thousands...maybe hundreds of thousands, and there all sorts of quality and age of the repros.
Your picture is very dark, but it looks to be good quality and in good condition.
Linda c

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I have one that was my grandmother's. She bought it new, no earlier than the late 1930's. I see them from time to time on the Charlotte Craigslist. I can't see the feet on that one, but mine has ball and talon (or claw) feet, and is mahogany.

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