abreezeApril 9, 2005

Dear Nora... I cried when I read your last post. The decline of our loved ones is so heartbreaking... Your precious parents are so blessed to be living with you. Your eyes may not "see" that your precious mother understands what you say or do. But remember that God is Faithful: I know He is ministering to her through you and the love and excellent care you give and provide for her. Yes, this is possibly the hardest thing you will ever do in your lifetime. It was for me I, too, have so many beautiful memories that I cherish of our time together. To God be the glory. He has given you much wisdom and compassion to share with the other caregivers on the forum. God bless you, dear one May He daily renew your strength, and hold you close in His arms of love. ~breezy

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Breezy, You have been in my thoughts and prayers....bless you for your post. Haven't been on much...busy doing outside work and just doing and being with Mom and Dad. Was talking this morning with the girl that comes in to help...she is such a beautiful girl and loves the Lord...God is faithful...anyway I was talking with her and telling her about last nite and she said that she noticed it yesterday...I know the Lord will come when He is ready to take Mom home to be with Him...but I have never told Mom it is o.k. for her to go...times I feel I should and then something keeps me from doing it...she is so just breaks your heart to see her this way...Susan told me this morning that she may be waiting for my Dad....he is not ready to let her go. Please keep them in your too...the Lord is with us and His Strength and Faithfulness I know and feel with every part of my being....God be the glory. I thank the Lord for you and knowing that you are lifting us in prayer. God Bless you, Nora

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Nora, praying for you and your mom and dad,!DianePA

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Nora, it was very hard for me to tell Mom it was OK for her to go... I tried to read her favorite Psalms or other chapters from the Bible mostly every night. Sometimes I would read John 14. We would talk about heaven and how she wouldn't be crippled, blind, or deaf there - how she would see Jesus and the many loved ones/friends who had gone before her. She would see the child she lost in a miscarriage... That's about all I could say for the longest time. She was so concerned about me. She didn't want to leave me alone. I would tell her not to worry about me - that I would be OK... Finally at some point when she was so sick, I was able to say the words and tell her it was OK to go be with Jesus. I had to cry out to God on her last day and ask Him to have mercy - that WE were releasing her to Him... It's not an easy road, but God is helping you and preparing you. It's going to be hard for your dad to let her go. I'll be praying that God will comfort him and help him to give her to God. It's incredible how much a body can take. Nora, I don't have the greatest voice, but I would find much comfort and strength as I would sing and worship the Lord with Mother. In His love, ~breezy

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Hello Nora..I don't know what post they are talking about that your mother is declining, but my thoughts are with you. It is the hardest thing, to have to watch them. I know so well. When Lara was asleep and wouldn't wake up, or talk, we just spoke to her constantly, about everything. We tried ot encourage her to wake up...but I guess she was so so weak. I spent nearly every day for a month there at her bedside. At the last they placed her in "hospice", and made her comfortable. My sister said, Doe just go tell her if she is ready to be with Jesus....she can go. My husband and sister-in-law finally said "Mom you can go if you are ready and we know we are selvish wanting you to stay". The next morning she passed on. She waited for me to be beside her bed and holding her hand...because I had just got up from where I was and went over there. As the rest of them left...out of the room, I went back in and kissed her forehead, after they had pronounced her gone. Nora...I don't mean to make you feel like this is the end, but other's expierences can prepare you. I know you know in your heart, that your Mother is tired,but we all hold on to the precious love of our Dear ones,and want them to live forever. Please know ,when the time does come that you gave the most precious gift of all to your mother and Dad....the care, the time and the love....thinking of you with the warmest understanding.....Hugs and more Hugs Love Gabby

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Nora, I can't say anything more eloquently than has been said here already, but please know that I keep you and our other friends here in my prayers each evening.
When my Mom used to ask why she was still living when everyone in her family was gone, but she was afraid to die, but she was scared....I felt the emotional turmoil you must have felt: if I tell her it's okay, am I almost persuading her to go? If I ask her to stay, is it just selfish or me? So I encouraged her to "talk to Jesus" in her prayers, and let Him take her to be with Him when He felt the time was right. Mind you, this was when she was still lucid, and could understand our conversation. Not long after that, she deteriorated very quickly, and is now in LTC.
I hope she still "talks to Jesus" in her own way, but even if she doesn't, I know that the decision is ultimately His, and in His own time. However, I do believe that we have a responsibility to let them know we'll be fine, and that it's okay for them to go to Heaven and be with family once again.

Anyway...perhaps I'm rambling, but just know many of us face this situation and it's never easy...


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Bless you all for your wisdom and understanding. This journey has been a journey of letting go slowly as Mom has left us....not knowing who we are, not talking very much, not being able to walk for long....just so many things....this last few months of her not being able to eat nothing but puree food,thickened and the weight loss...has been the hardest. As we all know.....In His Own Time....I know that I must let her know that we will all be o.k. and soon we will be together again....what a beautiful and joyous thought to know that Mom will be healed and all our loved ones will be there with Jesus. Again it is such a comfort to come here and share and know that you all understand. Thoughts and Prayers!! Nora

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Nora, we prayed for you and your precious parents in church last night. May you each feel the warmth of His love today... ~breezy

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Breezy, God Bless you and your Church for prayers...we know the power of prayer...the Grace and Love of our Lord. Nora

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