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lamperSeptember 10, 2009


-I have a black metal/bronze figurative electric lamp with the name Muller or Mueller & Sons engraved underneath the base.

I haven't been able to find much about this company's history on the internet.

Any information that I've located has a company with that title on the East Coast during the first 1/3rd of the twentieth century and was renowned for fine mantel or chimneypiece clocks.

If a visual would be useful for indentification then I'm willing to transmit one to any email addresses.

Thanks in advance.

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A picture would be good....
You don't say what sort of lamp it might be....but could the name be Miller and son's?

Here is a link that might be useful: miller lamp

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Fre`res Muller,Luneville,France. lamp C1930 19 1/4 in high 9 1/2 in d round paneled, etched colorless glass shade with rosette & geometric skyscraper influenced design,wrought iron base is priced at $1,100 so I guess he was probably quite an interesting lamp maker. That's in Warman's Antiques & Collectibles 2004 ed. so at least you have a name to look up on Internet. his 1st name has the `mark over the e.Well, he's a son. Henri Muller started factory in 1900 at Croismare, France he made Cameo Art Glass & Art Nouveau insects, moved to Luneville worked with bro. Deseri. Most were 4 layers of glass with acid etching,some gold flecked & good range of colors. A vase was listed at $300 to $6,000 so high quality work!

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I want to express my appreciation to those who have responded to my post.

I didn't see this detail at first yet the full name that is engraved beneath the lamp base actually is:

N. Mullers,Sons NY and on the opposite corner is the number 973.

The metal underneath the base is more of a "bronze" color
than the visible surface.The base has four "feet" or standing points for stabalility like the base of the Eiffel Tower.

The plastic lamp switch has the raised lettered word BRYANT molded on it.

There is nothing Deco-esque or overly stylized about the female with a two-corner cap on her head and poising with weight mainly supported by one leg for manufacturing design and symbolic intent,I imagine.

The pedastal upon which the figure stands is surrounded along the top layer with a single row of minute beads or bumps.

A sword,or long paddle,is held horizontally by both hands,arms reach is extended.

She appears as an embodiment of civil justice(or corporeal punishment) in the age of enlightenment tho' the figure is presented in an ebonized,neo-classical style.

This lamp doesn't appear to be unique in that it is a singular item. More like it was a commercial mold created in the modern industrial era;regardless of how limited in number this particular edition was manufactured for.

I apologize for the initial lack of information and once I determine how to I shall present at least one image.

Thanks again!

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Hi again-

I believe that I've managed to attach a proper link to the Photobucket image site.
My account is listed as 'char-lar' and there,if anyone is still visiting this post,one may find images of the Mullers & Son lamp.

I just hope for a direct or knowledgeable answer and thanks again.

Here is a link that might be useful: char-lar account at Photobucket site.

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My mind says it is an historical figure but I'm not sure what she is representing. There used to be woman with a scales- Lady justice or something like that. Women often were used in advertising, war efforts etc. Woman's suffrage etc. Peace, scales of justice, women doing their part while men were off fighting. My grandmother sent her binoculars to the U.S. Navy & when she got them back they had been stamped with something(ship they were on I think) & letter from Pres. Roosevelt & letter from Navy thanking her for her kindness in that war effort. I learned U.S. history from books that were very old. 1800's Teacher read the material to us over the furnace while 1 room schoolhouse was warming up. Remember Rosie the revitor?? during WWII. Anyway your lamp probably represents 1 of women(not necessarily a real person but symbolic one like Lady Liberty. Dress on your's looks like time of Betsy Ross. As far as Mueller goes some of these artists from other countries came here as they thought they would have new life & the chance to start their own company. Industrial Revolution etc. Maybe someone else knows who she is or represents!

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Hi the statue looks like Peter Pan.
I have a Nich Muller & Sons clock figuring, and it is signed the same way.
I also found out that even though Peter pan was written in 1902 in a part of 'The Little White Bird' for adults.
For children, it was a stage play in 1904 of Peter Pan.
'Peter and Wendy' was published in 1911.
The art of Sir George Frampton , A.R.A., may perhaps best be described as composite sculpture.
Peter Pan and Eros: Public and Private Sculpture in Britain, 1880-1940.
The first honours the memory of one of the greatest nineteenth-century philanthropist, Anthony Ashley-Cooper, Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury, whilst Peter Pan captures the magic of a fictional child, who had won the hearts of the British public. The story of the origins, creation and presentation of these two sculptures could not have been more different. Eros (cat No 15), the earlier of the two, was the subject of a long period of gestation, numerous committee meetings and much public speculation, which lasted from the time of Lord Shaftesbury's death on 1 October 1885, until the Memorial's unveiling by the Duchess of Westminster on 29 June 1893. By contrast, the genesis of Frampton's Peter Pan (cat no 10) was a private affair between the author J.M. Barrie, who had created the character of "the boy who would never grow up," and the sculptor who was to immortalise him in bronze.
I feel that this is a Nicholas Muller & Sons Figuring that was probably made into a lamp latter.
Here is picture my figuring with date on the statue.
I hope this helps.
Also the copyright numbers seem to be in order.
this is what is written on the bottom of my statue.
Nich. Mullers & Sons Antique Mantel clock 1887 Copyright # 870.

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Nich. Mullers & Sons. 1887 Copyrigthed # 870.
Here Is The Picture Of My Figuring
Note Nicholas Muller actually spelled the word copyright wrong on my statue.


In 1849 Charles Muller received the first gold medal for sculpture that had been given by France prior to Napoleon. Charles or as he was more known a Carl Muller was a sculptor whose works had won for him fame through-out the continent. Nicholas was his brother and partner. It was therefore in the nature of things, when the Revolution in France caused the active emigration to America, that the brothers would go together. So when Nicholas Muller emigrated to America he carried with him the urgings of his brother, who was fired with the love of his art, to start with the highest aspirations and achievements, relying upon the consummate artistic education of the people rather than upon educating them to appreciation of art.

Nicholas and Carl Muller came to America in 1849, and started the bronze industry in America in a factory on Staten Island. Almost all the first models were the work of the latter gentleman. The brothers soon discovered that the plane upon which they set their work was too high for the Americans. Carl Muller returned to Europe in 1851. Nicholas continued the business until his death in 1872. The business moved to Cortland St. next door to Frances Krober�s clock business. One of Nicholas Muller�s sons married the daughter of Mr. Krober so many of the movements in Muller�s clocks were Krober.

Nicholas Muller has three sons to carry on the business as Nicholas Muller�s Sons. Herman was the eldest and worked with his brothers until Otto left New York to open a location in Chicago. Their work was still too high of quality to compete with the clocks being produced in America and the firm filed for bankruptcy by 1890.

Nicholas Muller clocks are some of the highest quality cases in the world. The attention to detail is unparalleled.

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This is an interesting account. A couple of small corrections: Muller's daughter Johanna married Florence (yes, a man named Florence...he was 8 years older than she). Hermann spelled his name with two "n"s. There's a new book on Nicholas written by Arlyn Rath entitled âÂÂNicholas Muller - Horologist ExtraordinaireâÂÂ. I'm not sure where it can be purchased other than directly from her at 516-437-8928.

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