nora8April 20, 2005

Just wanted to drop in and say hello to all. Welcome to all the new friends. Have been really busy here and just don't seem to have the time or...is it take the time to get on.LOL Staying down with Mom and Dad more....Mom has had some really bad days....not walking and having trouble with eating...still have Susan in to help but times it will take us both to do things....she has times when she is leaning over to her left side and puts her head back when we try to feed....makes it hard....she had 2 days of just so weak....Mom's little body is so tired and she is too....can't remember if I posted this but....Sunday she just sat in her recliner and was so weak....had a good nap...but the look in her eyes just broke my heart....I was talking with her and she just patted my face....I gave her a kiss and finally....said Mom I know you are tired and it is o.k....we all will be fine....I'll take care of Daddy...if you want to go home....we love you. Had to walk away...your heart breaks....don't know if Mom understood or not....it was a bad day for my Dad also. Yesterday was a better day...eating was going o.k. and we took her outside....my sister came...Susan, Dad and I was telling my sister that you could count on a better day if she was here. Strange how that works...others just don't see the really bad days....Dad has been working in the garden more...it keeps his mind busy and not worrying about Mom...so I have tried to get him to let me help....we made cane poles for the running beans and planted more peppers,beans,squash....we all just shake our heads....he has planted enough for an army....LOL....times he can hardly walk but he just keeps on pushing....please keep them in your prayers....times I feel our journey is getting close to the end....take it one day at a time and trust in the Lord....only He knows when it is time for Mom to go Home and be with Him. So happy that I have this time to be with them....today is my day....got to keep a balance...I need to just get away for the day....so thankful that we have Susan....she is wonderful....thoughts and prayers for everyone...hope all is well for you and your loved ones. God Bless, Nora

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Bless you Nora! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers...I know it must be difficult...it is wonderful that you do have this time with your Mom and Dad...to know they are loved and cared for must mean a lot to them now. You have given such good advice in this forum and helped a lot of us by just being there...

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Hello, Nora. Isn't it so difficult? Seeing our once vibrant, busy parents being taken from us like this? My Mom also developed a problem with feeding herself recently, along with her Alzeimers, and lists to the right, likely from her TIAs. She still knows who I am, and loves to snuggle, share hugs and hold hands, but as for my coming and going to visit her in the nursing home, there's an emotional detachment that I'm having difficult with. She's slipping away, and not just physically.

You Dad sounds like a growing concern! ;-) If gardening keeps him going, more power to him!

I pray for our board members each night...our lot is a difficult one to cope with when our loved ones get to this stage...We must learn to appreciate the little good times we have with them, chuckle at those things we may otherwise cry about, and stay strong. Thank goodness you have other family members who are sharing these days with you. My Mom's personal care worker was also a blessing to us and to Mom; more like family than a care worker.

Take good care, Nora

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Hi Nora, ALWAYS look forward to your messages.....it's your wonderful attitude & faith that I admire. Goodness, Nora, your retirement was such good timing. Am happy to hear you take at least a day for yourself.

Gardening is such good therapy & I understand your Dad's way of coping. When my former hubby was ill for 11 years the yard was my saving grace. My very sincere blessings to you, your sweet Mother & to your Dad as his heart is hurting.

Love, Sharlee

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Hi Nora... You and your parents have been on my heart - thanks for posting an update. What an outlet that garden is... Your dad certainly has planted a lot! :) My heart aches for you as you see your precious mother declining and your sweet dad hurting... I understand the anguish you're experiencing. You bring back so many memories - Mother used to pat our faces, too... God bless you, dear one... May our ever Faithful Lord undergird each of you and meet every need. ~breezy

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Dear Nora....Good to hear from you. I remember so well how this part goes...you wonder if this week will be the last...what will happen. I know you and your Dad miss her already.
These are precious days. I am thankful that you have them and the time to do all you want and can for her. And you are an inspiration.
(((Nora & Family))) Derry

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