My Mom is home after a fall in the hospital

imabestApril 12, 2005

My Mom is home and I hope safe...

They were really pushing for her to come home last week....

But she fell last Wed on the concrete Floor OUCH~~~~

No broken bones at 98 can you believe that...

The Dr kept her 2 more days to be sure there were no broken bones.

I bought her home Friday and the home health care nurse came Saturday to see her.

Say she will need lots of physical therapy ....

We have a commode in the bathroom and one in her room plus a shower chair.

Now next week we are getting a wheel chair and hopefully a hospital bed.

Her bottom is so sore and busied from her fall that is is hard for her to get up and down and in bed/

She is eating like a bird hard eats at all.

She is looking very old and weak.

I feel so bad for her she still wants to do all she can to help but the poor thing cant even dress herself.

Me I have finally got the rest I needed and am feeling much better.

My back is still giving me problems but the patch I wear seems to help the pain.


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Imabest, these gals are sure made of stronger stuff, aren't they? ;-D
I'm happy to hear no bones were broken; my Mom fell outside two years ago and broke her bone just below her hip. Pins fixed that, but the bruises took so long to heal!
As for not eating much, do you give her something like Ensure or Boost? They're not fond of them bcause of the think consistency, so I used to put it into my blender with more milk and froth it up: she said it was like a milk-shake! Our doc even suggested those slurpie things from a convenience store! lol! 3,000 calories to fatten her up! At this point in time, a Food Guide isn't what they need, he said. Naturally the basics, but calories do count, too, and she needed them. Never did the slurpie thing, but the Ensure really helped. ;-)

You have a full plate now, don't you? I hope the physio goes well and that her appetite improves....


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Kathy, Had you in my thoughts and prayers and was going to post this morning. Good to hear Mom is at home...sorry about the fall...tell her I send a big hug and to rest and eat so she will get her strength back. Good news to hear that you are feeling better....still have to take care of is your weather...hope you and Mom get to enjoy your deck. God Bless, Nora

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Hi Kathy... So sorry to hear about your mother's fall. She probably hurts as bad as if she had broken something. (Thank God she didn't...) It's good to hear that you are rested and feeling better; also, that the patch is helping... My mother was 97, so I can relate to your dear mom... I'll be praying for her. ~breezy

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Hey there, Kathy. SOOO glad she is home and know you are too. "Tis always good to get them back in their "slots", no matter the work. I hope you can make good use of the help and eqpt and spare your back some. Bet you will have her perked up and eating better in no time, if it can be done. You have obviously taken such good care of her this far.
Wishing you well.....Derry

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Oh, I'm so glad to hear that she didn't hurt more in that fall--it could have been bad! My Mother is 95, and I know that if she just bumps against the wall, she gets a major bruise. And yes, whatever it takes to give them some calories.

WHo gave the hint about the Ensure in the blender with milk? Great idea! I'll see if that helps.

But, Ima, it must be good to have her home. Here's a hug from me for you, specially!


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Ensure, and other things like it, can be very helpful. However, not all of the flavors are appealing. I, personally, think that the Vanilla flavored ones with as little almond, rum or sherry extract added are the best. Almond extract seems to be especially good for cutting that heavy, cloying 'sweet' taste. About 1/2 to 1 teaspoon to a can.

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PeeBee, besides adding milk to tone down the consistency, I have added banana flavouring to the vanilla, and she enjoyed that, too! Whatever it takes, right? ;-D
Loved your "cloying" description!

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