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gabby_49April 10, 2005

Hi Linda...I was so happy to hear that your Mothers transition to the LTC went so well. It is hard, to move them after you had her for so many years. What a gift, that she done so well, it makes it so much better for her and you both. I am sure you can sleep nights knowing she is being well taken care of. This will lift a alot from you and now let you enjoy so much more of her life...with-out the constant care daily. I am glad it went well because I knwo you were worried. Rest easy now!!!!! Thinking of you...HUGS Gabby

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Oh, thank you so much for thinking of me, Gabby!
Yes, the transition, tho' sudden, went without a hitch except for yesterday. She kept asking to go home. However, each time she asked was like the first time, and she really didn't understand my answer (we have to wait for you to see the doctor)...etc...
However, today was just GREAT! As soon as she saw me at lunch in the dining-room she just about burst telling me how she played a ball game with her feet (they circle the chairs/wheelchairs and have the residents kick a beach ball around, and toss it in the air. She said she was very good, and the staff said she should be their coach! ;-) After lunch she wanted to lay in bed for a while, so we "chatted", then we got her ready for High Tea, which they have each Sunday afternoon in the main dining-room. I put powder, blush and pink lipstick on her and she looked adorable (she always likes getting 'made up'...she's a Diva, really! ;-) We were served tea in lovely china cups and saucers and had a tray of sweet desserts on each table. It was so cute....Mom and her church ladies always organized grand teas and I think this brought back some lovely memories. She then declared that she wanted to go back to HER ROOM for a nap before dinner!!! Her nurse took her back and I said my good-byes "for now".

WHAT a more pleasant day!!! I just LOVE visiting with her now! We were right! With the yucky, day-to-day tasks being taken care of by others, our visits are truly precious! What a change!! Next Sunday we'll bring Tammy, our BorderCollie in to visit her! They all just love Mom there and take such gentle care of her....I keep praying it continues...

Gabby...we're both experiencing our new lives, you and I, and our hubbys...and it's really quite different, isn't it? I still expect to hear her door open, I still try to be quiet in the mornings so that she can sleep; it's almost like I'm just turning circles in the house...I don't know what to do with myself! (My hubby suggested I quilt the quilt I pieced together last year!;-)'re off on new adventures, travelling...and I can actually put my stereo on now in the house (her tv had to be so loud for her to hear it)....Whoda thunk it!

Again...thank you for your thoughts...I keep you and others on here in my thoughts and prayers each evening...things can change so quickly...


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Lindi, Oh I am so happy for you and your dear Mother. High Tea....what a wonderful time to share and be together. It sounds like Mom is doing great and also will take time to get back into your normal living routine....if there is such a thing...LOL Mom will have something new to tell you each time you visit...sounds like a wonderful,caring place. God Bless, Nora

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Oh, Nora....I can only hope and pray it stays this way! My hubby dropped in this morning after teaching his one morning class and they had her "playing" bingo! She needed a lot of help, but she at least understood what the game was. Yes.....I've yet to see a sour face on any of the staff, and their interactions with other patients appear to be so caring.....Wow. We are very fortunate!
It does make a big difference that she's seems so happy there....Now if I can only stop wandering around the house without any aparent purpose, I'll be fine, too.
Thanks, are a Sweetie! ;-D

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Linda, I am so glad your Mom is doing sounds like it's a wonderful place. It must really ease your mind that the staff is so are indeed fortunate to have found a place where she seems so happy. Your routine has been disrupted, but I am sure you will find other things to keep you busy. If your Mom is doing well, you will do well also...

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Thank you, Patti....I called this morning and the nurse said she's such a happy person! She kept saying how everyone there is spoiling her! lol!!
Everyone should be so blessed....


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Linda, Such a blessing for you that all is still going well with Mom. You talked about wondering around the house...just a something that you have always wanted to do but time just didn't good to need to give yourself a treat. God Bless, Nora

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Honestly, Nora....I'm almost feeling lost! But I had pieced together our queen-size quilt two years ago, that still has to be top-quilted (it's all pinnned together), so I might start with that. It'll be weird sewing without interruptions!
And I may actually plan and execute a REAL dinner with my hubby tomorrow!
She looked wonderful today, also....all washed and sparkly clean..;-) Still helping everyone else...

Yes, Nora...little by little I'll have to get things in order around here....but as for me...I think lunch with my girlfriends next week will be wonderful! I won't be worrying about leaving my DH alone with her (and her incontinence problem), watching my time...Heavens! I may have TWO glasses of wine! ;-D


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Linda, You sound like you are doing o.k. It will just take time...lunch with the girls...sounds great. Continue to let us know how Mom is doing....helping everyone else...makes me smile to know that she is bringing joy to others. Know what you mean about not watching the time...when I do get a break...that is the one thing that I enjoy...with Mom's eating every 2 hours,meds.,bedtime,fixing meals,etc....the clock rules my life.LOL I do have help but....I am the one that makes things go around here. God Bless, Nora

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Linda, So happy you & your Mom are enjoying a new life. Yes, it takes time to treat ourselves. I'm still learning & working on that one without feeling guilty.

Having lunch w/friends is a great release. Tomorrow I'm doing just that & looking forward to seeing an old neighbor friend. Tonight my honey darling & I have a "date" to just be home together at 5pm. I want to make it special for him as he's recovering from an auto accident & cannot work his usual 2 days a wk altho' he's retired.

Hope today finds you having FUN!!!


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