Alzheimer's & acting out

kittiemomApril 21, 2013

I got a call last night from Dad's facility that he hit another resident. DH & I were grocery shopping only a few minutes away & went right over. The young lady on staff explained that she heard Dad calling for help & went to his room. She said the other resident was on his hands & knees & his nose was bleeding. She asked what happened & Dad said he hit him. They got the guy up & checked him over & of course by that time Dad had forgotten what happened. The other resident is nonverbal and of course neither of them would be reliable anyway, so we'll never know what actually happened. She said they sent the guy out for eval as standard procedure but he seemed okay. The staff thinks the maybe the guy wandered into Dad's room and scared him. They were very surprised and said they would never have thought from Dad's normal behavior that he would hit someone. I'm still in shock. I was so shocked when she called that I started crying in the grocery store. It is not at all like Dad. He's normally so controlled. He's also been saying mean things to the other residents lately, which isn't like him either. I'll be talking to the doctor about the possibility of meds to relieve anxiety. I don't know what else to do. I want to try to make sure this doesn't happen again.

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My husband was a fighter regarding the staff, but only when they tried to change his clothes. I talked to the person who admitted him and he said not to worry about it, he doesn't know what they are doing to him and he is only defending himself . BUT, it leads to being removed from the facility. He was in 3 care homes in 9 months and was going to be moved to a mental facility because they said it takes to much time to care for him. In my state they cannot put him out, so like all laws there are loop holes. In this case all they have to do is put him in the hospital and not acdept him back.

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My mother who also had alzheimers and was in and out of various places,was also a non violent person. Very mild mannered and you would never expect her to be violent. But something would trigger her outbursts. She could clear a table in seconds and take on people who would look like someone from her past. One woman(staff member)was smacked by mom because she reminded mom of my dad's new wife. Mom did not remember hitting her or clearing the table but it drove my sister crazy because this was not our mom. She was also taken to a local hospital to be evaluated. Finally put in a nursing home where she had a non verbal resident as a roommate.
Sadly mom passed away about 6 months later.

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My husband passed away at 80, but it was his time and he went fast. At that age and with that disease I look on it as a blessing for both the patient and the family. It is a rough way for a responsible adult to end his life, turning into a stranger right before our eyes and we can do nothing to help.

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All you can do is talk to your dad's doctor. Very often Alzheimer's patients show a drastic shift in personality. Sadly, it's not an unusual thing to have happen in the later stages.

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