Is this cute or what?!

DLM2000September 9, 2010

This was posted on my local freecycle last week. I have a soft spot for enamel tables and cabinets but was busy and didn't have time to respond - figured it would go in a heartbeat. But on Sunday I decided to respond to the post and find it still available. I was on my way within the hour! Not everyone's taste, I know but things like this make my heart go pitty pat!

What do you think...... 50's??

The color is off - looking gaudy blue when in reality it's far softer and has some green in it.

Just a couple small chips to the enamel on this edge - otherwise perfect.

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We had a chrome and enamal table in the 50s. It had leaves that pulled up much like yours. Never saw the turned legs on one before, but I would guess the 50s for yours too.

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Very cute, you lucky duck!

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Cute Cute!! Never saw anything like that. With those turned legs and the pattern on the top....what's that pattern made of..? never knew enamel that was other than either agate looking or solid color. You do mean metal enamel....not enamel paint don't you?? How do the leaves work? what supports them? is it eating table height? Or shorter?
Never saw anything like that! Looks like it should be oak.

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It is metal enamel, not paint and the pattern is a first for me, too. The leaves have a support underneath that slides out with them as you pull them out from the top - each support is longer than the leaf it is under and they are slightly offset so that when you push them in they slide side by side. It's eating table height - when the leaves are in it's a bit taller, obviously than when they are out but still appropriate for 'dining'.

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I would ask what you paid....but likely it would make me sad I didn't get there first!

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I think earlier than fifties. I have an enamel over wood table from my Grampa's second hand shop and he went out of business in the early fifties. My enamel over wood is not nearly as ornate as yours. Plain white over wood with no turning, but also with the drawer and no exentions. If those legs are original, I'd be thinking more like twenties to fourties. But that's just a gut feeling. Hoping for someone to jump on who knows that type of table more than I do.

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Linda - I got it from freecycle - no money is allowed to change hands, no barter, no trade, only thing allowed is 'thank-you'. Our local freecycles (each town seems to have their own) are very active - amazing things change hands and stay out of landfills. Check out the link - you may have one near you.

Calliope I was starting to think the same thing - it does seem earlier than the 50's. But whatever the age, it's fun!

Here is a link that might be useful: Freecycle

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Oh's earlier than the 50's...most likely 20's...
Free eh...

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Fori is not pleased

I just saw one similar in a movie last night. The turned legs were stained and not painted but otherwise pretty close.

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I love it! Wouldn't have lasted a few hours on our Freecycle.

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Its a utilitarian kitchen table used in farm houses and breakfast nooks, or for general purpose food preparation such as kneeding dough. An assortment of knives, stiring spoons, can openers, pliers, nut-crackers, etc. would have been stored in the drawer.

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