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heydeborahApril 22, 2007

hi everyone, it's nice to see new faces here! it's been a rainy weekend here at "the bay" but it seems like mostly all the snow is gone but lake superior here still has alot of nice on it, but i did see a huge ship in the harbour. so much has happened here at home, carley is finished her first year of university, she said it was easier than high school! matthew is back at work it was his first full week back after his leave, i'm still worried about him and he and i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. today is month 2 for us without Al, and we all miss him terribly, since we are so close to the cemetary i think i visit him everyother day, even though we are trying to keep busy. carley and i put hardwood or should i say that snap in plank flooring in the livingroom and will start the dining room and kitchen sometime this week, you should see me on my little table saw (io think it was made for a woman) and we're almost finished painting the livingroom except for painting the baseboard and window trim and this shelfy thing, we put up the prettiest border up and i actually bought drapes for the living room (it was cheaper for me to buy rather than make!). i don't think that our matthew realizes that he should try and keep busy instead of sitting there thinking about what could have been. i can't believe that in a city the size we live in does not have a grieving group because i think he needs to talk to someone. our Gracie Joy is getting to be a big girl she now weighs 5 1/2 pounds and is such a happy girl and loves to go for walks with her "clothes" that carley thinks she should wear and won't leave the house before she has on her little coat.

well, you know that i have tried to be positive through all of these many years with Al, and he would have laughed at this too, they only dig 5 graves at a time in the winter, and because of the snow and then there was dirt in one space and dirt and pine needles in the next space, so i thought that Al was were the pine needles were so i was leaving him flowers there, and found out from the cemetary worker that i was leaving flowers on an empty grave! only i could do something like that!

Well lets hear some happy things that are happening at your home and again, welcome all the new folks! debbie

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It's good to hear from you!! It sounds as if you are keeping busy fixing up the house. When you finish....you can come down here and do some painting in mine. It needs it.

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Connie Kru

Hi Debbie,
You sound like you are doing good. I am glad for that.
I bet Al would have had a good laugh (or did have a good laugh, cause I believe they are still around protecting us)at you Wrong Grave.
I hope you can find someone for your son to talk to, but Guys are different than daughters--it seems harder for them to talk about things.
When you get through decorating your home, you can come do mine.
I have been busy getting our yard cleaned up from the long winter. We have many big old tree's so I have done my share of bending and picking up sticks.
I have been cleaning my milkweed beds and getting seeds started so I am ready for the butterflies.
Take Care, and I am so glad to see you checking in.

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