Nest Learning Thermostat

mlweaving_MarjiJanuary 29, 2014

Is anyone using or does anyone have the Nest thermostat?
We are considering installing that rather than the programmable Honeywell.

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I have one. First off, it's getting bad reviews from a lot of people, that said, I'm not unhappy with it. It certainly "looks" nicer on the wall than any other. The WiFi connectivity is great, you can access it from work or anywhere. It reports to you the last 7 or 10 days of usage, meaning when your heat was running and not.
Where it is failing is it's ability to Lock Out Auxiliary heat below 35 degrees. If you have a Heat Pump this is somewhat important. I've also heard it does not understand Stage 1 vs Stage 2 heating. Sorry I do not know enough about that.
Anyway, I've gotten good support from Nest. They guys over in the HVAC forum know more about this and there is an active thread on the Nest. You probably will not buy it after reading that one though.
Good luck

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If considering a honeywell I just installed it by myself and love it. We got the Honeywell Smart Wifi version. Was so easy to set up with our system. Getting it started and schedules was a breeze. Lots of features. The panel is a nice size and touch screen. You can change it via computer or phone. It monitors humidity too. You can lock the panel so kids can't mess with it. You can temporarily change settings and hold till a certain time without messing with schedules. Really could go on and on. Not sure about the stage one/two but we have a heat pump and it is keeping our home toasty. My favorite feature is that it figures out how long to get to a temp. So if you want it 70 at 6am it will figure when to kick on to be that temp at 6am.

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Thanks kheflw for the info that there was another forum here with discussion. I'd searched for it, but it didn't come up the first time.
It looks as if those who're having difficulties are in areas with much colder weather than us, who have heat pumps with aux back up. We will have a heat pump, and will have 2 compressors for AC, no back up aux heat source. Except for a week like this one, there is no need here in coastal southern SC for back up heat source. Our back up will be a fireplace that we might actually use if it gets this cold when we're in the house.
Amazon has over 2000 reviews, and most are positive.
It seems that those here on GW who're averse to the system are a.) of the mindset that it will allow one to hack into the home computer system....I can't see it; b.) that the technology of the programmable 1980's thermostats were fine....We're more tech savvy than that and aren't afraid of new technology, or c.) concerned about kicking in the aux heat source.
So reading that thread isn't enough to warn us off.
GPeach, glad you're enjoying your Honeywell system. If we don't use the Nest we'll be getting the programmable wifi Honeywell.
dh called our builder today to find out if the HVAC people doing the install will be available for support for the Nest. If yes, we'll probably go with it, If No then we'll look into it a bit more for how good the support is from the manufacturer.

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I don't have a heat pump, just regular ac and furnace and I really like my nest. Easy to use and love that I can adjust from the bed if I so wish if I'm felling hotter or colder than normal. I also adjust it on the way home from work so the auto away is turned off. What I like about that vs preprogrammed is that if it is a late day the unit hasn't been running when we weren't there like it would with regular programmable. The only thing I don't like about it is the auto away kicks on when I'm home during a weekday and not moving around. Easy to change and I just adjust with my phone, but can get cold or hot before I realize it.

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