Gabby....Hey Friend!!!

nora8April 25, 2005

Gabby, How are you???? I haven't been on much lately....but always have you in my thoughts and prayers. Have you been traveling with your DH alot???? I have been outside alot doing yard work and helping with garden. Dad has a beautiful garden planted and we had to cover everything because of the cool to get out today and uncover. Mom and Dad are just doing o.k....Mom had a bad time of eating dinner last night....had to stop...she was coughing. Been down this morning and she did rest good last night....she will be hungry this morning. I still love being at home...spend alot of time with Mom and Dad....have gotten alot of my "need to do" things done...and that feels good. Let me hear from you and how you have been doing. How has it gone for you to go thur Lara's things....know that you miss her. What about your dear sister-in-law????? LOL Think about you often. God Bless, Nora

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Where are you???!!!!!

Thinking of you and hoping you're having a whale of a time travelling (even tho' your DH is working ;-)

Check in, please? We miss you!

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Hi Guys! Thanks so dearly for thinking of me. I think of you all often too, whether I post or not, you all are always in my thoughts to.I know Nora, you have to be enjoying your time at home and doing what you want. Spending time with your parents is so "special", and I think God placed you at home for this. It was that way, last summer for my husband who got to come home and work. He had the whole summer and part of the winter with his "mother" before she passed away. I believe God places us where we need to be when the time is near.

It is still strange not having her around. I have gone through alot of her personal belongings and gave most of the clothes to her sister. I still run across so many things ,like a basket she had downstairs, that she kept her pens and all of her canceled checks, and little recipes in. They are still there. All of her food items, are still in the cabinet down, like oats, crackers, cereal, everything just the way she left it. In my downstair bath, there is still lotions, of hers,and ect, but got rid of all the perscriptions. Yesterday while looking for a box, to put my sisters Birthday gifts in to send I ran across, a bunch of yarn she had crocheted, and need to find a special place for those. We still have the wheelchair, and her potty but we have them stored. Death is just so final, and articles remain, that bring so may memeories. I "understand", now what you all talked about when you said, "you will never regret taking care of them",and personally I am proud that I got the opportunity to do it,altho at the time I couldn't see it.

I know you will feel the same as you have given of yourself so plentiful ,to care for your parents as you have. I think as far as the sisters and sister-in-laws we have...they have missed out on so much.Some are just not capable of doing the task, or have the ability to do it. It is their "loss". I am talking to the sisiter-in-law again but I will never forget what she did but I can forgive her now. She has to live with the guilt that she didn't see her Mother for 5 years before she passed on.How sad!!!

As far as how we are doing, in the traveling . It is a pain. We have just about decided to bring the R.V. home and save on the lot rent and DH is going to drive it for now. He has a chance to get on in Louisville maybe in June, which it only a 45 minute drive. Being home only on weekends is so stressful trying to get everything done that needs done at home and leave back on Sundays. We are going to try it this way and see how it works. We will go get the R.V. Sunday and haul it home. I know the gas prices are high, so one versus the other, (lot rent) or (gas prices). Take your pick.....

Welllll, enjoy the outside and the garden and the company of your parents. What all of it is so much a blessing. Take care and write hearing from you. Hug your Mother and Dad for me and I hope she continues to do well.

Linda.....How are things for you? I know it must be so much more peaceful for you now that you have others caring for your Mother. I think girl, you done your time after ten years. Now it is time for the little precious things in life for you and your husband. Still planning that trip? I hope you can find time for all that you want to do and still find that enjoyable time with your Mother in the nursing home.I sure know what it is like now that I have time again. I cherished it tho now that I think back, that I got to spend time with her for as long as I did. I couldn't see it then, but it is clear now.His sister is the one who should have the regrets. I don't have any.

I guess from the above post you can tell we are deciding to just come home. Being out on the road all the time is enjoyable sometimes, but why have a house if you can't spend time there. Expenses are outrageous....trying to keep two places going not to mention gas prices. Someday retirement huh....but not yet not for a couple more years...we are only 56. After 20 years of this....we want ot get off the road......take care!!!! Is everyone enjoying spring? HUGS Gabby

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Gabby it's so great to hear from you! it just finished hailing here can you believe it and it's been snowing a little on and off all day but so cold out. I've noticed that alot of people here have their RV's out of storage and are getting ready for the may long weekend or just a warm weekend period! there are alot alot of fisherpersons (men?) in big trucks and off=roaders alot are from the states (esp. wisconsin and illinois) the dollar must be good (i noticed that a us dollar is worth 1.35 canadian). it was really nice here afew weeks ago in the hhigh 60's (lol) and i even wore shorts!

i was hoping you'd start up your Chit-chat again? Will you? i think we all enjoy hearing the nice things that happened in the week! well it's off to have a little rest (Family's orders - lol). it's so dark here right now, you think it was night, keep your fingers crossed we dont get alot of snow! debbie

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Gabby, Good to hear from you. Sounds like you and DH stay busy. It will be nice for you to stay home and enjoy your birds. I say our first hummingbird today. Hope we have alot of them....also wrens are back making their nest in the birdhouse right where I can go out in the morning with my cup of coffee and enjoy them. We have had alot of rain...the grass needs mowing again and I just mowed Monday...that has become my job as I am not working....take my time doing it.LOL Know you miss Lara...good to hear that you are speaking with are so right....after they are gone they have to live with guilt. My sister is coming to stay with Mom and Dad Sunday as we are leaving to come to daughter and family will finally get moved in and we are going to help out....looking forward to them being closer. Mom and Dad are doing o.k....took Dad to the blood doctor today....your count is 13 and his is make a long story short he is maybe not making as much blood....his age...just thank the Lord that is not cancer. Mom is still having good days and then bad days....Thur. she was not eating much and not walking at all...she has been calling out family aunt that died 10 years ago...also just said "Christ" one day...also was looking up and a big smile on her face...can't help but wonder if maybe my Aunt will come to be with her when it is time for her to go home...they were close....don't dwell on it but have my times when I think that it will come soon...only the Lord knows....just love her and care for her the best we can. Take care and enjoy being home. Our daughter and family will live outside of Frankfort. Bet we will be close to you....God Bless, Nora

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Debbie....Sounds like our weather, but not quite as bad. it is chilly, and can't seem to quit raining. Uggg, we are all tired of it.Also tired of staying in the r.v and DH thinks he might try and drive it. now you would think this is a happy camper time with us, but after years of being on the road with husbands work, we are wanting a life at home. Yes we see alot of the R.V.'s traveling when we are heading home on the interstate. Alot of people go strictly full time, which means they sale out everything they own and live in a R.V. and travel from post ot post, not us, we said they can have that kind of life.

Maybe I will start the "chitty chat" again, have thought of it but with being gone and no laptop in the R.V. could hardly do it, then when we are home ,it is so busy trying to do yard work and all before we leave again.

How is Al, you said he was not to good,and I am sorry for that. it is so sad to have husbands who have health problems, and i am sure it weighs on them as well. We will say prayers for him to gain his health. You just sound amazing in all you do ,and I love reading your posts. Keep up your health, as i read where your bllod pressure shot up, that is no good, but glad you caught it early. You have ot be strong for Al!!!! And your kids, so take time to relax, and meditate,close your eyes, breath in and out and hopefully that will help. I think alot of your migranes stem from stress, but some are just pron to them. I mentioned several herbs they say helps and i sure wish you would try them. Wellllll, shove away those snow flakjes, and pray for sunshine and warm weather...all the best ot you..Hugs Gabby

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