We got a Private Aide

jannieApril 10, 2012

Hubby is 65, with a triple diagnosis-Multiple Sclerosis (weak, can't walk unassisted, bad balance, fatigue), Epilepsy (seizures, but controlled with medication) and Alheimer's -Like symptoms.(He has a terrible memory).He sees a Social Worker once a week, following a hospital stay in January 2011, yes 15 months ago . Medicare and Blue Cross help pay for SW and for physical therapy a couple times a week. SW suggested we hire a Private Aide from a local agency. Cost to us is $14 an hour, with a minimum of 12 hours a week. The Aide came yesterday, what a Wonderful Woman! Helped hubby with a shower. He made himself lunch, then while sitting in his wheelchair he had a bowel accident. She cleaned him up, put an adult diaper on him and then put him to bed to rest. Then cleaned the wheelchair, the bathroom and did the dirty laundry. Even asked me for bleach so she could really sanitize the bathroom area. She was extremely pleasant and sweet, talked to me (his wife/caregiver) a lot. She also talked with him, in a pleasant manner. She was very professional, able to get him to turn and move so she could clean him and get him dressed (twice). She asked me about his physical therapy and home exercises. When she comes Wednesday she wants to help him exercise and go outside for a walk while he rides his scooter. I am so pleased we made this step in his care. He's a real handful for me. I had a kidney transplant in January and I have to be very careful as I'm not yet fully healed and have to be very clean so I don't get any infections, which could injure my new kidney. This aide is really working out!

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Jannie, that is really good news. It sounds from your description that your husband is cooperating with the aide too. That's half the battle right there. Her ability to clean and sanitize thoroughly is a god-send. Here's hoping everything will continue on a positive note -- that you'll get some needed help, that his needs will be met, and that you'll heal and get your complete strength back.

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She's come three times so far. Gives hubby a shower, gets him up out of bed, dressed, and makes him come down to the Kitchen to eat. She's made the bed, done laundry, hand-washed dishes, gave him a shave, even neatened up our bedroom. Yes he's been very cooperative with her. Yesterday he told her, give me a shower but don't wash my hair again. That's okay. At least he's clean.

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Bad news, she called this Monday Morning to say she's sick. Her voice sounded very scratchy. I guess it's a good sign that she lets me know she's not coming, at least she's courteous and takes her job seriously!

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Just to add a little, I told my 2 kids how helpful this woman is. They warned me not to leave money or jewelry around. She didn't come Monday or Wednesday because she's sick with strep throat (she has 3 little kids) which is fine with me, I'm on immunosuppressants and can't risk getting an infection. She's coming today. I'll have her tend to hubby, shower and lunch, change the bed, do laundry, maybe vacuum our room. He's had several "dribble" accidents on the rug, so it needs some cleaning.

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She sounds like a true angel! Hope everything went OK..

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It hasn't worked out. We both really liked the Aide, she was very pleasant and helpful when she showed up. But she was out a week with strep throat, then out another week due to a car accident, then she came back last Monday and DH refused to see her, he decided he doesn't want to be nagged to shower. She did a little cleaning and laundry, but he insisted no shower and didn't "want" her. Wednesday and Friday she called and said she had no babysitter for her son so she culdn't come. The Agency phoned and said "she is off the case" and they'll send someone new this coming Monday.

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Hopefully the new one will more reliable.. Hang in there, there are true angels out there..

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Jannie, so sorry about the aide situation. I, too, hope the new one will work out for you.

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"The Agency phoned and said "she is off the case" and they'll send someone new this coming Monday."

So sorry to hear this. I hope the next aide is more reliable.

Here is a website for a woman who had to take care of two parents who were difficult. I thought she had some helpful tips.

A link that might be useful:


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