junkjunkieSeptember 11, 2009

Hello, I have a pretty sizable collection of yellowware that I actively collected during the 80's and early 90's. I'm is the market for yellowware right now? I'm not interested in selling at this point. I'm thinking that it's very slow. Would it ever get back into favor at some point? Thank you.

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I watched a small yellowware milk bowl (unusual pattern) go for an auction in my home state (where much of it originated and it's not uncommon) go for just over $100. I wanted it badly, but was not prepared to see the bidding go that high. And there were only two other people bidding when I dropped out, one was bidding absentee for her sister. And I'm talking June of 2008, when economy was swinging downward. imho it falls under the category of more a 'classic' that is always desirable to someone for kitchen decor. As opposed to say the currently trendy mid-century modern which will probably eventually see it's peak when something else takes it's place in the trend cycle. Ride out the economy, and I'd venture there will be a resurgence. Now is the time to be a buyer (if one has the funds). Here's an interesting article on how yellow ware has gained favor in the last decade.

Just my humble .02, fwiw. ;)

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Thank you, moonshadow, for the link to the interesting article! When I started collecting, pieces were snatched up quickly as it was popular, especially when design magazines like 'Country Living' and the now defunct 'Country Home' (really miss that one!) were in their heyday and country decor was hot. I think you're is a classic kitchen item. One time, not so long ago, I sold a couple of pieces to a dealer. I went into her shop a year or so later and the pieces were still there, unsold. She said that there was no interest in yellowware anymore. I guess in the field of antiques, there are trends that come and go....maybe some come back again, and some don't. Well, when I bought yellowware, I really like the pieces and the way they looked...still do. I like the simplicity of it. So, as the old adage goes...always buy what you like, not for what you can sell.

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