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nora8April 19, 2006

Just wanted to stop in and say hello and I do miss you all. Know that life does go on and changes do come....but you all will always be in my thoughts and prayers. I keep busy....Dad and I have planted a garden....oh my....since Mom is gone his focus has been on his plants and getting a huge garden planted....he is 89 and still can out do me...I keep close...help when he will let me...LOL...he can no longer drive...that has been hard for him. Had to as they say put my foot down....with the help of his doctor. We just let him do as he can...it's important for him to keep pushing...again we will have enough tomatoes to feed our town.LOL It was so sad for me to take the plastic off Mom's swing....she loved to be in that swing as we worked in the yard and garden. I have so many wonderful memories....and as I do things with my Dad I can hear her voice...."if he dies out there in that garden then he dies happy"....I do miss her so much. I pray that all is well with you. My journey of caregiving is still here...it is different...I am blessed....to all that our new....God Bless you...take it one day at a time....to those that were here always for me....I think about you often...miss you....I am so thankful for your friendship. Nora

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Oh Nora, what a great surprise hearing from you!!! i agree things change and you must go on, i'm again on the blue side and have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, i just have no energy and just doing day to day things are a stuggle for me. i know just how you feel taking plastic off of your Mom's swing. Although different i went into our backyard garden, which is where we laid our Buddy to rest, how he loved to plow and sit in that garden with me!! i put a cement angle on top of grave and must have cried for a good 2 hours, i just never thought losing a pet would affect me so much and so hard.
on a happier note, if you can call it that - lol we have no snow! it's actually 48 out right now so for us its hot out! Carley has only 39 days left of high school, and i have been busy sewing her grad gown, which is flowy and has alot of tule on the botton half, she saw the dress in a prom mag, and on e-bay and also in a wedding store window here, so wouldn't you believe that one of the pattern companies makes the dress too, so for 4.87 for the pattern at W---mart (yes we have them too!) and 2.99 for the tule at the Sal. army and 1.99 for the satin there as well i got off really well, it seems that almost all of girls went to duluth to get their dresses or are having them made, actually it's not cool to get a ready made dress this year. i'm doing lunch for Matthew this afternoon, he wants to come home so bad, but with having him stay over some weekends i do not see a change in him that i would like to see, the family he lives with thinks he's just great so again he just gets to lounge around and get waited on hand and foot, so when the change comes the door is open for him. Al had a mind heart attack last tuesday, to stubburn to go to the hospital he just took baby aspirin and nitro spray, he said that's all they can do for him at the hospital so why bother? - men!!! However, he has been outside 2 times this past week, so that is real good news!
LEt's hope that we hear from some more of you out there and find out how your winter was, how you're doing, we need some good stuff! i also think of everyone alot and welcome to all our new family members! enjoy the sun shining on your face! debbie

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Lovely to see your name pop up, Nora!

Enjoy the spring and your father and keep yourself well. It's so nice to see the names I first "knew" when I needed help and advice pop up, every so often. Please don't be a stranger, even though times do change and our lives change, too.


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Nora and Deb....good to hear from you guys! Somehow, the world just keeps spinning, but we haven't fallen off yet. Amazing. And another winter gone. It was a mild one here in Virginia.
Good wishes to each of you. Derry

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Hello to all of you also. We have actually had a spring in lower Michigan. So many times we go straight from winter to summer with out a slow warm up.
I am busy getting all the plants planted (inside) that I will need for butterfly season.
I hope all of you are doing well.
Debbie, how are you and Al doing?
Please take care.

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Connie Hello, Hello......How in the world are you??? Good to "see"you at the Forum, where I rarely go anymore. Need to do better in that effort.
Glad you guys got some good weather. It is perfect here today.
How are the grand-kids?? Good luck with las mariposas!

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Hi Derry,
Grandkids are doing real good. The older two are almost 4 and 6 years old and the little one is going to be two in a couple of weeks and number 4 is due in late Sept. Best time in my life-I enjoy them so much.
As for the mariposas--I am anxious. I have seen about 4 different butterflies already, but not the Monarch, although the migration maps say they are here, and the maps say the hummers are in this area too--Have had the feeders up, but have not seen them either.
Glad to hear from you.

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Hello to you all. Also good to hear all is well with you all. Derry....you are so right....time does fly by. Think about you all often....spring has been beautiful here in Mo. but also alot of rain and storms.Take care and God Bless. Nora

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