DuraSupreme Cabinets/Lumber Yard Cabinets?

dreambuilderJanuary 10, 2013

I have asked about Ikea cabinets before and have heard that people are happy with them but that some change out the face. What about DuraSupreme Cabinets? Has any one used them? Pricing? I received literature from them b/c I really like the look of their work but no price info. Quality? Also, what about using a lumber yard (small town)? Based on experience do you get a better product for a similar price by using a small town shop? Curious as to options! Thanks.

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We just sold a house with DuraSupreme cabinets. The house was 15 years old, I believe the cabinets were original, and they are still holding up very well. I don't know what the original owners paid for them, but I think the quality was very good.

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I've priced out DuraSupreme and thought they were somewhat reasonable, though at least 50% more than what I priced out from Ikea.

One thing to keep in mind is that DuraSupreme tends to have a sale every few months, so if you aren't in a hurry you can wait until you can get a better deal.

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From my end I have in the past worked in "small town lumberyards". The ones I worked in both sold Kitchen Cabinets, several different lines and qualities. If you have a real lumberyard with good knowledgeable people staffing it then yes by all means look into purchasing cabinets from them. A lot of yards these days belong to buying groups and can get pretty dam good deals on many many products. However if the people that staff the yard are not knowledgeable then not so much.......

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We installed Dura Supreme cabinets from their custom series 23 years ago and they have held up very well in both durability and looks. We only had some problems with a couple of our large drawers in our pantry cupboard. They used a plastic component to hold the railings which didn't last (probably my own fault for putting too much in those drawers). We were able to buy replacement parts but I would like to think they have improved on that in that past several years.

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