Northland Refrigerators

guadalupeFebruary 28, 2008

Looking for any reviews of the new Northland Refrigerators the ones manufactured since AGA bought them

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I've been searching for quite a while for the same sort of information re: the Northlands. I saw on your other post that your friends have two units and that they find them to be quiet. Whether or not the Northlands are noisy has been one of my biggest concerns. A salesman at Expo Design said he didn't like them that much because he found them to be loud relative to other refrigerators. However, I believe the unit Expo had on the floor (it's now gone) was from before Aga bought Northland and redesigned the refrigerators. Even our local regional distributor was a little hesitant when I asked him about the noise level of the 24" refrigerator/freezer we're interested in. I haven't yet been able to find an actual 24" refrigerator to look at. If you find out any other information about these refrigerators from your friends or any salespeople, I'd be eager to hear it.

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I gave up looking for info, but I was trying to consider Northland. Website isn't much help and only have very small pictures to look at.

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One thing always to consider with Northland is energy usage. Because of a loophole in the law (Thanks, Congress) Northland does NOT have to meet the same energy standards as every other fridge maker. Northland fridges use 50-80% more electricity than any other fridge you can buy. This can mean $50-$90 extra per year. And if energy prices go up, it will mean even more.

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Two years with my Northland all-fridge and all-freezer and I am still happy (despite hard start up chronicled on this forum), especially when I spend time in a kitchen with Sub-Zero. cpovey is right about energy costs. Noise --- not a bit that I am aware of. (Perhaps I am getting deaf...)

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$5 a month more in energy isn't going to mean a whole lot for those with a $7K - $10K refrigerator budget.

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Fori is not pleased

Maybe that's where they GOT their refrigerator budget. From not wasting money?

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guadalupe - what makes you think anything has changed at Northland because someone bought them? Mgt. and personel are usually the first and only changes when a business is acquired. Manufacturing and design are pretty far down the list especially if the one doing the acquiring has no experience in the industry it's buying. In this case refridgeration.

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fori - Yeah, but if they got their money by being modest spenders, then chances are their current fridge is old enough to where they're already spending that much more (at least) on electricity for it than they would a new Energy Star rated model. I suppose this argument could go in circles, but as much as I'm all for conservation and all things green I really can't get too riled up about a fridge that uses and mere $50-90 a year of electricity more than the gov't would like. Esp at a price tag that means very few people are buying them.

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I'm not saying that I don't care about $50 a year, just that if a frig has some key feature you want (in this price range), it is insignificant.

If we weren't willing to pay extra for features we want, we'd all have $500 GE refrigerators in our home.

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The noise level is far less now then it was before AGA made the purchase. I understand that they have sunk a lot of money in improving the product. Northland is also the manufacturer of Marvel and I know for sure that the product has improved. I do not want to be a pain, but the more energy efficient the product the poorer the performance. A 5,000 btu air conditioner high energy cools less area and takes longer to get there. Heck all refrigeration cost less to run today then ever before. It used to cost me $178.00 a year for my old side by side, the Northland will cost $78.00 a year as opposed to a Kitchenaid at $40.00 a year.

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elizabeth10029: Would you mind giving a brief summary of the early issues you had with your Northlands? I haven't found that thread on the forum. Sorry if I missed it.

antss: I have heard from several sources, including Expo Design and the area distrubutor for Northland, that significant design changes were made to the compressors after Aga bought Northland in 2003. In fact, I was told to make sure I didn't end up purchasing an older Northland that might have been sitting around. The distributor told me that each unit ordered through an authorized retailer is made to order but that I should be a bit wary of buying through an on-line vendor because those units might date from before the design changes, be returns, etc. He didn't tell me to avoid on-line sellers at all costs but rather to ask questions before purchasing. I guess this a long way of saying I have no doubt that there were design changes put into effect by Aga in its Northland line.

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My mother has a noise whatsoever.

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Sure enough, Guadalupe, those posts are gone, even though other posts at the same time are still on-line.

Briefly (or not): the Northland installation instructions were ambiguous. KD and GC and kitchen cabinet installer puzzled together over them. I was there; I saw them interpret the drawings, and I certainly didn't see any problems with their plans but I don't have the skills. Anyway, they worked hard to come to a way to proceed. Cabinet installer said he called Northland three times for help and that no one was really helpful. So my very skilled crew did the best they could. However, it took the Northland guy to point out (at the moment of installation) how the drawing was supposed to be interpreted. One series of lines operated like an optical illusion. Once he pointed it out, it was clear why my kitchen wasn't ready for the appliances. Cabinets had to be re-done and blah, blah, blah. Delayed use of kitchen for two months -- and delayed the hook up of the fridge/freezer beyond my tolerance. (We'd moved back in expecting to have a completed kitchen same week.)

Additionally, fridge condenser gave out after three months. Just stopped working. Was replaced by Northland within 24 hours at no cost to me. "That happens once in a while" said the installation guy.

I chose the totally stainless steel insides and I love how sturdy the whole unit is. No plastic. I also found out after about a year by reading the small print in the manual that I could order extra shelves and drawers. So I have totally customized the insides the way I like them. (I was trying to mimic my 25 year old GE side by side that finally gave out, and I succeeded.)

Another warning: Before I finalized my choice, I asked the Northland distributor about any problems I should anticipate. She said the ice maker was crap and if I didn't take it, they would give me a fifty dollar rebate. I left it in and planned a different solution for ice, thinking I could remove it later. Now it can't be removed easily because it would leave holes. I lost some non-usable space but it doesn't matter since I don't use all the space I have.

I do have a long term service contract. KD insisted. (She had never used Northland -- that was my choice because I wanted to avoid sub-zero). The aesthetics of separating fridge and freezer have paid off in a really graceful kitchen design and I'm not sure any other appliance would have worked when I did the renovation. Now I think there are some more choices (Lieberr). I'm happy.
Hope this helps.

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did my reno post 2003 -- the details of AGA escape me but I remember doing some due diligence and being convinced that there wasn't a problem.

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Thanks for the info, I am going Northland 18" all freezer and 30" all refer both stainless in and out and no ice maker, ice makers seem to be the biggest source of problems especially with sub zero

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glad to help.

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stei - are you sure that the AGA's management in London is driving the design at Northland in the U.S. ????

-or- Is it more likely that Northland itself is simply evolving itself like it's competitors? Sub Zero, Thermador, Liebherr, and GE have all made design changes in the same timeframe. With the exception of GE none were bought out in the period. And GE's refrigeration unit was really a purchase by them of their manuf. partner's operation.

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guadalupe: I just realized that you were the person who started the thread re: Foremost Appliances, so you must be in the metro DC area. We live in Montgomery County. I wanted to ask you from which store you are purchasing your Northlands. Thanks.

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Don't know, looking at Cummings, Jarvis and not feeling the warmth, may have to take a trip north.

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Was wondering about the pricing of Northland. Are they less expensive overall than Sub Zero and Thermador. Thanks

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guadalupe: Send me an email, if you'd like, and I'll give you the number of the Northland distributor in Baltimore. He's the person to whom I've spoken several times, in part because I can't find a unit to look at before we commit to buying the brand. Lisa

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question to all, who is the northland dealer in the dc area? I am in reston and i need to get a grill, a hinge bolt, a hinge cap, a kickplate, SS sidepanel and a few shelves to complete it. It's a new floor model 24" top mount stainlesss steel wrap door with white interior. something i thought i would never find or even afford but I found it for well under $2000 from an auction dealer, just purchased. the crown jewel of my kitchen reno. thanks

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There is a Northland shown here among some others.

Here is a link that might be useful: speaking of beauties

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Dino--I've been dealing with the area distributor out of Baltimore. Email me, and I'll give you his name and phone number. He suggested we go to ABW, which I think may be in Silver Spring, when we are ready to order (we're in Montgomery County). I imagine the distributor will be able to direct you to a retailer if not directly to Northland. I've spoken with customer service at Northland several times, and I've found the staff to be well-informed and pleasant. I am dying to find out where you got a 24" Northland for such a fantastic price!

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While Northland products do use more energy than other models, in my experience they also keep food fresher for longer by maintaining a more consistent temperature. When you consider the energy it takes to grow produce, ship it to the supermarket, and the gas you spend getting there and back, a few extra kilowatts a year start to look like a bargain. Eliminating waste is just as important a part of being 'green' as conserving electricity.

Just so you know, I don't work for Northland; I am not affiliated with them in anyway. I have been designing kitchens and specifying Northlands for years (even wrote a book called Kitchen Appliances 101: What Works, What Doesn't and Why--which took two and a half years of research, testing, and interviews).

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Hi there,

Short-term lurker, first-time poster.

I appreciate this thread, as this is virtually the ONLY information I've been able to find anywhere regarding reviews of Northland refrigerators. It seems like it would have most of the features I want: fully-customizable (i.e. no water/ice for me), robust white metal interior, not Energy Star compliant (and theoretically more robust as a result), easily replaceable compressor unit, cheaper than SZ, etc. As you can tell, I'm shooting for a greater probability of reliability.

It's almost like the company's purposely in stealth mode. Can anyone tell me why? Should I interpret the general lack of interest in this brand as lack of faith in the product/reliability, or is it just poor, poor marketing?


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I have a Northland fridge bought new in 2003. I DO Not recommend them. The compressor runs non-stop and is LOUD. I have had it serviced a few times, and the tech said it is running with-in it's factory settings. I have also talked to the Northland customer service folks, and they said that the new models have the same compressor that mine does. I've decided that I've lived with the noise for to long now.I am hoping that mine is a fluke, and new compressor will fix it. No problems with the $500 GE in the basement, or the my 20+ yr. old quiet Kenmore.

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Thanks for the follow-up Gregory. So does that mean you're actually going to get a new compressor for the Northland or are you ditching it entirely? If you're getting a new compressor, please post your opinions after it's installed!

Speaking with my appliance dealer (who doesn't directly sell Northland but can get it for me through his Marvel dealings), he did say that he wouldn't have recommended them several years back but they've apparently made some significant improvements the last few years (presuming Aga
has put some money into resolving some QC/design issues, but who knows).

I've got a friend that's also buying a Northland and should have it several months before I need to buy mine, so I get to use him as a guinea pig before I order. :)

Good luck with your situation!

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Don't Do It ! Avoid the Northland Refrigerator -
Go With The Sub-Zero - Spend The Extra $$$
Northland = Nothing But Problems -
Freezer Condenser has gone out twice - very hard to get them to repair as there are only certain companies who are authorized to do their warranty work - Very Loud - Mine sits directly next to a SZ of the exact same size - all you hear is the loud Northland - stainless shelves are weak - door has never closed and sealed properly -
And do you think Northland cares ??? NO WAY

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Gaudalupe: how's your northland treating you?

Believe it or not, I'm trying to decide between a 30" all fridge and 30" all freezer northland or Gaggenau. I think the steel interior will help the food last longest- theoretically.

Price is not the biggest issue here, functionality is. And northland just seems to have great capacity and lots of customization.

Does anyone have any updated experience with northland?


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We bought a top of the line stainless steal 48 inch Northland 48SSWS refrigerator from AJ Madison in November 2010. This cost us over $6000 and we also bought the 5 year extended warranty.

This has been the biggest mistake of our lives. From the day we plugged it in we've had problems with it. First it made a lot of noise. So we called Northland and after a few months they agreed to replace the motor/compressor. We thought this would solve it...but it didn't. It still sounds like a Mack Truck. We bought a similar size Kitchenaid for about the same price for our other home, and its so quite.

Second, we've complained to both Northland and AJ Madison... and despite our warranty...they both said tough luck. AJ Madison, kept us on hold for 45 minutes, then hung up. Too bad, we really liked AJ Madison.

Finally, we financed it with one of those paypal deals, but they said sorry because you didn't notify us within 60 days. Little did we know that Northland was stalling us past the 60 day window?

Unless you plan on putting this thing in your garage, don't buy it. It does look nice but it’s very noisy.

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NEVER, NEVER AGAIN!!! Bought and installed a Northland when I designed/built our house, because I didn't want another SubZero, which seems to be the standard for "high end" units. Cost me $5K plus. I had over $1500 in parts/labor in the refrigeration unit before they finally replaced it under warranty. Now a year later, the freezer won't stay really cold again. I have to call them tomorrow and start all over with Northland. Biggest purchase mistake I made in our house.

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Please...DO NOT BUY!!!
1. The motor runs non-stop and is LOUD.
2. Condensation builds up along the outside and edges then drips to the floor.
3. The freezer compressor failed within three months of purchase.
4. The refrigerator compressor failed within 5 months of purchase. (Guess it missed it's buddy). Both were replaced at no cost but who needs this?
5. The freezer does not stay super cold. Ice cream is always half frozen.
6. Customer service is awful.

There should be a "lemon law" for appliances...this one would qualify.
I build a high end home with construction cost of nearly $2million and spent over $80,000 on appliances. The Northland was my ONLY regret.

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we are looking at northland 30" all refrigerator and freezer (30ARWS) vs the Electrolux icon 32inch, also looking at the Thermador, but not in love with the price on thermador. HELP, when did you purchase those noisy Northlands? Could they be improved and quiet now ?

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Arrived here looking for reviews of Northland Refrigerators. About the best info I've found yet. For whatever it's worth, concerns about Northland energy efficiency and/or noise may be, from a cost-over-time perspective, pointless. I am currently experiencing a several year nightmare with my GE monogram built in all refrigerator. $4k plus 8 years ago, and it has been nothing but trouble since about 2 years after purchased. Something at least 2 repair techs (so many repair "attempts") have told me is that in an effort to make fridges more energy efficient, things have been done from a design standpoint, that, without becoming technical, have made them basically disposable. ie, if you get more than 3 to 5 years out of them, consider yourself lucky. And, as in my case, amount spent is irrelevant. I wish the salespeople had told me what the repair techs tell me. I say great if northland's are built to an older or more robust or whatever standard. It would take decades of extra electricity expense to equal the amount of money I'm gonna have to spend to replace a 8 year old fridge--that by the way will go into a landfill for you enviro people. Meanwhile, my 20+ year old frigidaire will probably get sold (still working)with the house in 40 years.

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We had a Northland all-refrigerator in our old kitchen in DC and I miss it. A year ago, we installed a new kitchen in our house in California and we got a Thermador integrated refrigerator. We got the Termador because our kitchen is very sleek and the door of the Thermador is flush with the cabinets. I think the Gaggenau is the same unit but in all stainless (inside, too). The Thermador is a lot quieter than the Northland and unlike the Northland the door swings closed without having to push it. But I loved that Northland! It was huge and it was so cool (no pun intended). I really loved the stainless interior. I would say that it's not for everyone but if you love the SS interior, go for it. BTW, we coupled both of our refrigerators (Therm and Northland) with SubZ freezer drawers and love that thing. It's a great combination IMHO.

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I am also looking into the Northland Refrigerator - specifically, all fridge 36" and all freezer 36". Can anyone provide an update.

The Sub-zeros I am looking at are ~$6,000 more. Anyone recently buy these (say within the last two years) and could you provide any feedback?



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Dan, I got your e-mail but thought I should post here so others can benefit too.

I COULD have gotten my 36" twin pair a few weeks ago, but since my cabinets weren't ready yet, I let mine go to someone else who had ordered the same pair. (I can't believe Elite Appliance actually asked me to give mine up!) I should be due for my pair soon.

I read a LOT of posts on Gardenweb prior to ordering my Northland twin pair, and most say the noise is no big deal. The ones who regretted buying were people with small New York apartments without enclosed refrigerators. Every brand has a few bad experiences, but some of the negative reports in this thread sound fake; too hyperbolic.

My kitchen is 20 feet square and my refrigerator pair are going to be completely enclosed in closets. The front of my refrigerator doors will be flush with the cabinet doors @28" from wall, leaving a 3-4" convection air channel behind the refrigerator and cabinets, and it will be fully enclosed by 28" deep refrigerator end panels and 12" and 21" high refrigerator cabinets above. The one potential issue is we have a VERY open floorplan, about 1500 SF of open space (kitchen, nook, dining, living, foyer) with all stone floors, so noise could reverberate throughout the space.

Theoretically I shouldn't have any issues with noise, but the proof is in the pudding, and I won't know for about 8 weeks when my whole kitchen is in. If I do hear noise, I'll add weatherstripping around the units and consider soundproofing the cooling units, which for Northland refrigerators are in separate pieces above the refrigerator/freezer units.

I'll try to check in here after they're installed, but I'm really forgetful, so if you don't hear back from me, you may have to shoot me another email.


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Wow, I can't believe it's been over 4 months since my last post and we're STILL not in our kitchen yet. I just got an e-mail request for an update, so here's it is: we're still not in our kitchen yet. :( I don't know how much more delays and construction dust my wife can take!

But things are looking up! My cabinet guy is installing RIGHT NOW even as I write. He works alone and he works slowly, but he was 90% done installing as of this morning. So our Northland freezer and refrigerator twins are still in the garage at this point, but maybe by next week we can comment on the big question: are they noisy or aren't they? Are the current compressors as noisy as those from a few years back? If they are noisy, is it bearable? Will being completely enclosed help the noise? I sure hope the answers are good! (In my last post I said they would be enclosed in CLOSETS... what?!? Cabinets, not closets. Sheesh.)

Answers are coming soon... stay tuned!

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Sorry about the late response. MAJOR PROBLEMS with my Northland twin pair. It deserved its own thread. Please see my other thread for a report/update.

Here is a link that might be useful: Other thread on MAJOR PROBLEMS

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Update for those subscribed: my missing compressors are on their way, should arrive Monday. I'll comment on noise next Friday, as that's when we get home.

As for the other issue of the warped freezer door, still waiting to hear from Northland about what they're going to do for us.

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Update: cooling units arrived today (I wasn't here Monday to receive them). Not installed yet; will report back on noise once they're installed. Thanks for your patience!

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I bought the 24 glass door 6 mo ago. Loudest appliance this side of the Mississippi. It has hijacked my house and I hear it from every part of my 5000 sq foot house

Do not buy this !!!it is way to loud and drives me insane

Btw Cust service sent me a new one. And it is just as loud

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I finally got the compressors installed... Sorry about the delay. But imagine us not having fridges for this long (except for our beverage center refrigerators).

I strongly disagree with the Northland haters. The compressors are definitely audible, but not objectionably so (at least to me and my wife). Even in my open floorplan, square walled, polished marble floored, 10 foot ceilinged kitchen, and even in the still of the night, they're audible but not loud. Definitely can't imagine any trouble hearing conversational speech over these. I would estimate it's 1-2 dB louder than any 36" refrigerator I've listened to. I don't have a dB meter, I might pick one up.

Do I wish it were a little quieter? Sure. But would I be willing to pay $5-8K more for a freezer/fridge pair for 1-2 dB quieter? No, thank you.

Incidentally, because the Northlands have separate compressors, someone on another thread mentioned the possibility of mounting the compressors in the attic space if you really must have absolute quiet. At this point, I'm focused on just getting our kitchen done, and the excess dB are the least of my concerns.

I do have other unresolved issues and a new one I discovered: please see my other thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Northland Issues

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We have had a Northland 48" fridge/freezer for almost 3 years and are fine with it. Yes, it is a LITTLE louder than a higher end 'fridge but is far, far from noisy. We have no problems with condensate around the seals and temperatures are responsive to the controls and can be made colder than you want. However, the icemaker never really worked well and does need to be replaced. We have it hooked to an RO unit so the uneven and low pressure may have played a role there.

Just my experiences.

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Oooh. Irony strikes! As I am sitting here typing this, all of our food is packed in coolers with dry ice. Just after I posted the above the refrigerator totally failed. Apparently the some portion of the sealed system has failed. I'll post about how northland handles this.

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Yikes. Sorry to hear about your Northland. I hope you get them resolved. They do have a 7 year compressor warranty, parts & labor, assuming it hasn't changed between the time you bought yours and I bought mine in 2012. See attached warranty image.

I'm still waiting to hear back on my repair issues. I just contacted the dealer again to remind them I'm still here, and so are my problems!

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Wow David, what an adventure with the Northlands! Thanks for sharing. Your kitchen is gorgeous. I am currently still without the ability to refrigerate food. That makes the home feel a bit less homey. I've got a service appointment for tomorrow at 7AM. I will post how things turn out.

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The Northlands have indeed been a hassle; it would have been a lot easier if 1) if the house were our primary home rather than our weekend home (it's hard to handle repairs and talk to customer service when we're only there on the weekends); and 2) if we weren't plagued by MAJOR construction delays. The refrigerators sat around for months before they were moved into place, then a few more months before the compressors were installed and we plugged them in. I'd still go with Northland again; assuming they make it right, I still think it was worth the trouble since we saved $7-10K for the twin pair versus, say, Subzero.

Thanks for the kind words on the kitchen. It will be beautiful when finished, and we're finally getting close! Hopefully just a few more weeks. It's been a long haul.

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Just an interim update: The tech came out and diagnosed an inefficient compressor and recommended a warranty replacement of the compressor unit. As of now we are STILL waiting for the replacement to show up. It should be here this Wednesday.

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Good to hear it's covered, sorry it's taking them so long.

We're still waiting to hear back on what they're going to do for our issues. I'm working with Elite Appliance, the dealer I bought mine from.

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Update: the new compressor unit was installed last Friday. Overall we had there weeks between when the unit went down and was repaired. It was entirely covered by the warranty.

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Update: the new compressor unit was installed last Friday. Overall we had there weeks between when the unit went down and was repaired. It was entirely covered by the warranty.

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Good to hear they took care of you, though I must say 3 weeks without refrigeration is unacceptable.

Did you call your dealer or Northland directly? I'm not having much luck with Elite Appliance who is waiting for Northland to get back to them.

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I still haven't had any luck with Elite following through. I will try to call Northland myself and see if I get any results.

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I just lost my entire message when the wireless signal went out for a second. So I'll try again. I have owned a 24 x24 Northland fridge with freezer on top since 2001. It was not put in service until Feb of 2002. I have had to replace one small part three times in 12 years but otherwise it has worked as expected and is not noticeably noisy to us. But this is New York. It's noisy here. If it's not the kids next door practicing cello, it's the kids next door having a meltdown or it's the Fresh Direct truck idling in the street. You want noisy, that's noisy. We really can't hear the TV when Fresh Direct is on the street and on a street lined with six story apartment buildings full of people who can't seem to walk down to the local shops at the end of the block to buy groceries even as they sit for hours at the coffee shop in same vicinity, Fresh Direct is idling on our street a lot. You may gather that I don't have any particularly warm, friendly feelings for Fresh Direct. You gather correctly. My Northland I, on the other hand, get along fine. I live in an apartment with a kitchen the size of a walk-in closet. In this particular line of apartments the fridges were beside the sink and under the upper cabinet meaning no counter space and short fridges with little capacity and no units with frost free options that I could find. The fridge in the apt. when we purchased died soon after. We bought a new one--not an expensive one, just the same sort that was here when we got here thinking we could donate it to a charity or something when we finished the new kitchen. It died before we were able to complete the redo of the kitchen. I can't think of any refrigerators made these days that I'd swear my life on. Before moving to New York, we lived in Virginia and our first new fridge of married life was an Amana. It didn't last 10 years. I chose the Northland over subzero because of 3 inches. The Subzero needed 3 more inches of width and I didn't have it in the room. As it stands, I have a good fridge/freezer that defrosts itself quite competently, that holds all we need it to on a wall perpendicular to the sink and stove sitting opposite each other across a 3' wide traffic aisle. I have a full-size double bowl sink with 3' of counter beside it and opposite it a Wolf stove with Zephyr Firenze hood, and a nice little stove landing area to the left of the stove. There is a landing beside the fridge too. Not bad for a walk-in closet size space. So if you have acres of room you have many more options and maybe Northland isn't for you if you can choose something that isn't noisy to you or a brand your research turns up a better service track record for. I just couldn't find a better option in 2001. I suppose I could line the upper part of the cabinet where the power unit sits with mass loaded vinyl barrier to reduce noise transfer and I might do that as we prepare to put the apartment on the market. But In the 24" wide fridge/freezer arena I don't know that you can get a better product given what I've been reading about Liebherr's flimsy hinges and less than robust interior appointments. I dunno. The guy who has come to service the Northland has always been prompt, friendly and successful at solving whatever the issue is so I'm not sure what to think at this point. I like my fridge, but I think if you have the room maybe there are better options out there: GE, Samsung, all the rest. I just report my experience for whatever use it might be. I'll try and find the last work order and get the name of the part that I've replaced several times. I should know it but it's insomnia that's got me writing at 3 a.m. and lack of sleep that has robbed me of the name of the thing. It's a $150 or so part and a service call, but it's cheaper than an $1800 power unit replacement if your warranty has expired. I am surprised to read about people having so much trouble with both Northland customer service and with the authorized service providers. This has not been my experience at all. I did not find the fridge hard to install either. The only help I needed was to have my husband help me lift the power unit up to the top of the cabinet. But I do not doubt people have had problems and I am sorry to hear it as we are considering getting the same brand for where we are moving to this time. Now I don't know what to think.

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I've had a Northland since 2003…a few problems, but noise didn't seem to bother me. Compressor was replaced at their cost after only three years. My problem now is finding old directions to replace the door panel on a 30 inch all refrigerator, as I am remodeling my kitchen. Any idea where I could find old specs? Northland has not responded, but that sounds like the norm from previous comments on this site.

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I am moved to follow up on my 2005 Northland posts because just a few minutes ago I re-enrolled for a 3 year appliance insurance policy on my (separate) Northland freezer and fridge. Plus I am still interested in how come there are so many negative on-line reviews of Northland.

My initial problems are recounted in early posts but I have had no further trouble. Though I do worry; hence the insurance.

I still love these totally stainless steel appliances. While I felt guilty about the lack of an energy star rating I see now that lack of same is an advantage in keeping food fresh (my farmer's market and Fresh Direct food stay fresh enough).

Noise was never a problem, even in 2005 (my incredibly noisy and effective fan over my old Garland stove is a gazillion times noisier).

But I had a scare last weekend which I am relating for anyone who might have the same experience. I inadvertently left the fridge door open overnight. In the morning the compressor had stopped working. Panic. (Insurance had expired though I didn't know it then). But my trusty fridge righted itself within a few hours and is working perfectly. In troubleshooting, got out the manual and it warns to check every night before you go to bed that door is closed. Sounds like a nuisance. But I would rather take that precaution than have a Subzero door that closes so tightly I need incredible body strength to open it.

I am also surprised to see posts that say Northland is cheaper than Subzero -- wasn't true in 2005 (or I was so entranced with Northland and unentranced by Subzero that I never noticed).

So the bottom line is that I would buy Northland again; the ability to customize shelves and trays and baskets is great. Customer service has been helpful -- even through all those beginning problems.

Does Northland really generate more negatives on-line than other brands which I am not following? My daughter's sub-zero seems to have just as many problems so maybe it is just modern refrigeration manufacturing and not Northland in particular.

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