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laurelodSeptember 16, 2008

Today I bought a desk that I love. It is oak and has a mark under the drawer "McL 2393."

There are some references (via eBay) that this represents McLaggan Furniture Company.

I dont really care about a value but I am interested in the furniture compay because it is a new one to me. Anyone know anything about the company and the geographic area where they produced furniture? Other than the eBay references there doesn't seem to be any information out there on the company.

Thanks in advance.

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I have found a great deal of information on McLagan Furniture company, founded in the later part of the 19th century (1886) by George McLagan, in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. It was a firm of some repute and was still manufacturing into the 1930s. I have seen the items listed in the Antiques sections by McL trademark, and am really wondering if this isn't the same firm and the name corrupted? Ontario is right across the Erie Canal from the U.S.of A.

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Thanks for the response ... glad to see it was probably just a typo on the single site I found. Makes sense in terms of location as I am in upstate NY (where the piece was found). Appreciate your time!

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To be fair, if it's a typo it's on most of the U.S. sites.....but that happens. I see it in my business all the time where certain names are routinely butchered. LOL. If you do have a McClaggan/McLagan you are very fortunate. From the pics I saw they're lovely pieces of furniture. Valuable, as well.

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George Mclagan was my grandfather's uncle. He got his journeyman status about 1876. He was the first Mclagan born in Canada and later the company was absorbed by electrohome. MY father has his journeyman project a larrge cherrywood chest.

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It never ceases to amaze me how some really interesting information developes on some of these threads.

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I also own some of the McLagan furniture that was my great grandparents. I have a beautiful oak dining table, four straight chairs, one arm chair (all still with the original leather seats) and a matching side board with leaded bevelled mirror.
I am curious as to the value of the set. Any ideas as to where I would enquire?

Thanks for the help!!

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Hi, i recently aquired a mclaggan dining room set. table, 6 chairs a buffet table and a china cabinent when i bought a rental to renovate. i believe it is from the 3o's. Would anyone know a site where there is a catalogue of this furniture. Tom Campbell how fortunate we are to read some literature from you, thank you.

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I just purchased a small table,25"wideX29" longX30" high. It has a drawer and has a number 8414 on a gold tag as well as written on it in a form of grease pencil. Does anyone know the approximate date of this piece.

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> George Mclagan was my grandfather's uncle. He got his journeyman status about 1876. He was the first Mclagan born in Canada and later the company was absorbed by electrohome

My xgf from like 22 years ago worked for Electrohome and told me all about their illustrious past (and faltering present and future - they recently folded after over 100 years in business). She was like a walking history museum for the company.

Electrohome's entry into the furniture business was a complete accident. They made radios and phonographs in the 1920s, which back then were built into wood cabinets which they built themselves. But when sales tanked during the Depression, they had an overcapacity of wood cabinetmaking and not enough people who could afford the electronics that went into them. So they reassigned some of their woodworkers to build furniture instead of radio cabinets, which was soon spun off into a subsidiary called Deilcraft (from their full name, Dominion Electrohome Industries Ltd.). Deilcraft quickly became well-reputed, so much so that the use of Deilcraft cabinetry for Electrohome audio gear and TV sets became a major selling point in later decades. Deilcraft expanded by both internal growth and acquisitions, one of them being Mclagan Furniture. By the mid-1960s, Deilcraft was Canada's largest cabinetmaker and a major producer of consumer and industrial furniture. Other Electrohome divisions made appliances, air conditioning, small motors, musical instruments, and all sorts of other stuff I can't remember.

But things went south in the 1970s when the Japanese companies took over the stereo and television business, and they sold off Deilcraft in the mid-'80s to raise money. I don't know what happened to Deilcraft afterwards, but like their former parent company, they aren't around anymore.

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