Should I keep this?

joyce_6333September 10, 2010

We currently live in a large, old arts and crafts home. Age is starting to catch up with us a little, and we will be building a smaller, one level home. As part of that downsizing, I will be getting rid of some furniture items, giving to family or donating Mostly some small tables, wooden chairs/rockers and dressers.

This cupboard belonged to my DH's great-grandmother...or so we're told. Don't really know for sure. Is this worth keeping?

It actually looks better in the pictures than in person. The bottom edge in particular is pretty beat up. Looks like a dog may have chewed on it?? And the shelves inside don't appear to be original as there are metal shelf brackets along the sides, and the shelves are very thin. And in general it's pretty rickety, with lots of gaps between boards, etc.

Would like your opinion. Would you keep it? If so, how would you refinish it? Strip it? Paint it? or?

Thanks much for your feedback.

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It's a pretty classic 1930's china cabinet. My grandmother had one and my DIL's grandmother had one. Don't know how old you are but unless you are perhaps 50 it's unlikely that it was your Great Grandmothers. If you are older, likely it was your grandmothers.
The thin shelves is the way they were....the metal brackets are added.
Worth keeping?...Not sure what you mean? sentiment? Yes! Value..? no?

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I had one similar and when I moved I gave it to my cousin. Wish I wouldn't have. Yours is much prettier. Maybe mine looked like that before someone refinished it.

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Thanks for the feedback. For a small cupboard, it holds an incredible amount of "stuff". Still not sure what I'll do with it. I've thought of painting it black, and maybe using it in a guest bath for towels, etc. Of all the old furniture pieces, the only one I'm probably going to keep is my Limbert rocker. The rest I'm not really attached to.

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Wowie! Sure wish I lived in your neighborhood, I'd buy that off of you!! I love it! I live in a 1930's cottage and could use that to store my blue-delft collection :0)
The 1920's-30's is my favorite era

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It looks a little earlier than the 1930's. Looks like my grandmother's from her marriage in 1906. There are so many out there and I would make something different out of it. Paint might be the way to go.

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