Hubley cast iron vintage door knockers

mushSeptember 10, 2011

I found these in my Grammas old jewelry box today! I've see some listed for as much as $150 each. Anyone know more about them? I believe they were meant for bedroom doors. I plan on hanging them on our bedroom doors!

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Why do you think they were for bedroom doors? Very charming idea! They must not be large if found in Gramma's jewelry box. Do you have an idea of age, given they were Gramma's pieces? What a nice find! How do they hang?

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Be still my heart!!Love Them!
Value? The fact that there are 2 the same in different colors would lend a lot to the value of each...
Think you would want to insure the pair for $200.
Theya re great!
Linda C

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They are about 4" high and 2" wide. There are holes for screws under the bows and baskets. I read it mentioned on a site that quite often they were hung on bedroom doors.

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How do you know they're Hubley's? Just wondered. I live in Lancaster Co and Hubley's were located here and made lots and lots of doorstops, banks, toys and other metal ware items.

They were inexpensive when made in the 30's, 40's and 50's but now they bring a good price at auctions. Or they did, before the collectible market crashed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hubley Toy Company

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