jeanninetxMarch 20, 2005

That is how I feel right now, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, just UGH.

It makes caring for someone else a pain in the a**. All you want to do is curl up in bed and sleep.

I know you all probably have been through this, at one time or the other.

Just wanted to say what I really cannot say to the son, "Leave Me Alone". That feels better.

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I just got over a bad cold, it's so undignified. You just want to curl up in Mom's lap and let her tell you you'll feel better.

Put your head here, and I'll stroke it, and you know, you feel feverish, you should be in bed! Why don't you lie here on the sofa, I'll fix you some soup, and here's some soda, how about a popsicle. Here's a nice blanket, and the cats can snuggle up and purr, why don't you all take a nap.

At a time like this, you need mothering, it's so hard to have to give it too.

Take care.

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Oh, Jeannine, I know just how you feel. It is miserable enough if you have no other responsibilities. And they don't go away quickly. Tried the Zicam and the zinc, really didn't see much difference. Do hope you feel better soon, and the Mike doesn't catch it. Spring is here!in a week you will feel better! Derry

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Sorry your feeling so UGH!! I wish I could say something to make ya feel better.
Believe me there were times I wish I had help with mom also. Like after my colonosopy, I slept for 3 days and when I wasn't sleeping I was vomiting, NOT A PRETTY SITE!! But at her age to have to take care of me.. Yessh!!

You can call me Jeannine, I can lend an ear if nothing else.. I tell ya that ALL THE TIME.. I hope ya feeling better my dear friend :)

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Jeannie I know just how you feel OVERWHELMED~~~~~~~~~
I have had this bug for 3 weeks now.
I just cant wait for it to get warm and sit out on the deck...
I really have cabin fever....
Sure hope you boy doesnt get this its the pits.
Sending you a big hug and hope y ou are feeling better.
Each day now I seem to feel a little better but I have been stress free for 2 weeks almost but I really do miss my Mom.
love and hugs for y ou Kathy

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Mum came down with a cold on Sunday. She was feeling pretty crummy on Monday and fussed about her doctor's app't.. Ever the soul of compassion I told her "tough, you're going!"; I mean really! if you're sick what better place to go, right? ;)

Anyway, she's on the mend (will be ready for the audiologist and NEW HEARING AIDS and a bone scan on Monday). But now I have it...

Serves me right for being so "tough"... you think? :) I sure hope everyone is feeling better these days!

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