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gabby_49March 19, 2005

I wanted to peek in again and say Hi, to all of you. It is so heartbreaking to see all of you still going through the "motions" of caregiving,but you all still have the loved ones with you. It is harder I must say, when it stops so abruptly, and your world changes so fast. However it is a "sweet relief", no matter how much you miss them and you can look back and feel good about the loving care you gave to them,with -out regrets.I miss Lara terribly, and I think she knew that we all loved her dearly. There were times, as normal when we regret things we said or did,but isn't that just normal? I know all of you will find "peace"...some day asI have and be better for it ,for what you have shared with your parents. I think of you all often and still read the posts .

Nora haven't heard or seen you lately so am wondering how your Mother is doing? Also is your Mother? I know you are looking forward to the trip.

Kathy...sounds like ya'll have about had it. I hope you are feeling well quickly and won't have ot be put in the hospital. This must be so hard for your Dear Mother to understand what is happening. Prayers are sent your way. All of you "GET WELL SOON.....

Things here are so much better, and I rearranged my downstairs living quarters and just love it now. This is what I needed for so long. I feel like I have a new house. Even Dh loves it and we sat down there and watched the big screen tonight. We still talk often of Lara, and miss her so. I will continue to read and pray for all of you...until later.....Love Gabby

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Hi Gabby, Good to read your post and so happy that things are going well for you and DH. I know you miss Lara...she certainly knew how much you loved her and how wonderful you have memories to cherish. Mom and Dad are doing o.k. Mom has had some not so good days...not walking without help..but she is swallowing good...has lost alot of weight. Dad has been busy outside with this nice weather...we have plans to get the yard mowed and seeded Monday. We had a great trip to Frankfort...DD and SIL bought a new home...4 bedrooms,2 a subdivison outside of town...they are so excited...will be moving the last of April...we took care of babies while they took care of business.LOL My youngest daughter has been here on spring break from teaching and we have been working real hard at organizing this house and getting rid of things I just don't need.LOL She has helped me so much....sure does feel good to have it done. Other daughter will be coming home from Bolivia Easter Sunday. She has had a wonderful trip. Spent 6 hours yesterday in the ER with DH. He has a kidney stone....this is his 3rd time....oh the pain he was in. Sent him home to pass it...and alot of pain meds. They say the pain is compared to having a baby...well he has had 3 so that is for all the pain I had for having his 3 girls.LOL Got to get him in to doctor tomorrow. Life is just knowing that spring is near and can be outside. Take care and so happy that things are going well for you. Blessings, Nora

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Hi Gabby! Good to read your post. So glad things are working out for you and your hubby... I think you mentioned somewhere that he might have to go to a job and you were going with him in the RV. Did you get to do that???

Hi Nora... Good to hear from you, too! I pray God touches your DH is he's able to pass that stone today. Is it known what causes them??? Sorry to hear your precious mother is having some not so good days and is losing weight... I know it breaks all of your hearts. Thank God your dad is busy with his seeds and plants and getting ready for the garden. May God strengthen and comfort you as you carry on. God is truly blessing your daughters, Nora. I'm so happy for you. May God bless you and all of our caregiving friends. ~breezy

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Hi there, all....Glad you are settling into your new life, Gabby. Guess your DH is moving on. Nora, you guys need to stay well. You have too much going on. Cannot believe the trip to Bolivia is almost at an end.'s the house coming??? Take care y'all. Derry

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Hi, Gabby...thanks for thinking of me. I've been busy with Mom's and my dentist/doctor appointments these past couple of weeks, and by the end of the day just want to see our sofa and the 'big screen', too! ;-) Mom is tolerating her Respiradone quite well, and altho' her hallucinations haven't completely disappeared, and the people on tv continue to talk directly to her and watch her, she's certainly settling down at night and we're all resting and sleeping through the nights now. Finally.What a difference that makes! But she walkes so stooped over now, so slowly...and she seems to be in her own little world much more often, talking about people who aren't here, or a party that didn't happen last night, or simply things I can't make out at all. Our doctor said this may certainly progress to the point where she may not recognize us, or may have to be prompted, and that's my greatest fear. But she continues to eat very well in spite of it all, but can't put on the weight she's lost, evidently.

I'm happy that you can take such comfort in the love and care you gave Lara, and that you and Al are at peace and moving on. Memories will always keep us company....

Again, thank you for thinking of all of us....

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