Sterling Flatware - Sell for Silver Value

blueheronSeptember 8, 2009

I have a 48 piece set of sterling silver flatware. I am thinking of selling it, but I'm not sure if I should sell it as flatware on eBay or for the silver value, which has gone up considerably lately.

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Unless it's damaged, useable flatware is always worth more than the scrap value....and depending on the pattern, often much more.
Considering that a nice heavy sterling fork might weigh an oz....and would be worth about $14 by my rough calculation, a spoon lots less and a knife still less.
Better to sell as a set rather than scrap.
Linda C

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I agree with lindac depending on pattern and maker,year made,markings etc you may have something worth way more than scrap value. I would do a little research to find out just what you are dealing with. good luck

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I looked the pattern up on Replacement, Ltd.,(via eBay) and it is very expensive to replace a piece. They charge $26 for one teaspoon, and $43-45 for one fork. I wouldn't consider selling to them because they pay a low price for anything they buy, I am told.

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Replacements buys low and sells high.
When you sell to them you are selling wholesale....when you buy from them you are paying a premium for them storing and inventorying all their stock.
Tehre are many other places to sell your set of silverware. Try Beverly Bremmer for one....and there is always ebay.
Just for curiosity what is the pattern and who is the maker?
Linda C

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The pattern is Lasting Spring and the maker is Oneida. It is in perfect shape because I only used it at Thanksgiving and Christmas when I hosted those dinners.

I had never heard of Beverly Bremmer and when I googled her name, I got a box that said, "THIS IS AN ATTACK SITE." ???

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Why do you want to sell it?

Here is a link that might be useful: beverly bremer

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DH and I are live in a retirement community and I don't do a lot of entertaining anymore. Plus DH is the executor of his uncle's estate who was a coin collector. Uncle had lots of silver and gold coins, some of the silver we sold to the coin dealer as silver and some as coins. This guy is pretty knowledgable and DH asked him if we wanted to sell the silver flatware if we should sell it as silver. He said probably sell it as silver. And that was before the price of silver rose.

We're just throwing the idea around, maybe we won't sell it at all.

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The coin dealer would naturally say sell it as silver because that's what he knows and he hopes to get the commission.
I had a house guest this past week who lives in a retirement center in Florida....she had gotten rid of her dishes that serve 12....given them to her daughter. She now finds that she has groups of more than 6 that she entertains and is buying dishes!
Silver is today $16.68 per troy ounce...which is a little more than a "regular ounce" and that is for 999% pure and sterling is 925% pure.
Don't you have any children or nieces of nephews who might like it?

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The coin dealer isn't interested in the commission particularly. He has enough business dealing in coins.

I have a daughter who is disabled and has no use for it. I do have nieces but young people don't seem to be interested in having sterling silver because of polishing it, etc.

I also have Lenox china bought the same time as the silverware (high school). I haven't gotten rid of any of my dishes, I have a couple of sets. (It's my I also collect teapots.

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My 2 cents. I haven't keep up with wholesale prices, but the dealer's rule-of-thumb used to be to pay $10/per piece when buying sets of silver unless the pattern was ornate, popular, antique, or otherwise highly sought after. A pattern like Lasting Spring would only be of interest to a matching service dealer because there aren't enough collectors to interest an antique dealer unless he can make a quick profit by smelting it. I have no idea how the current economy has affected this but, IMO, antique silver sales on ebay have been sluggish & sets of flatware even more so. Of course if it's something I want, everybody & his brother bids on it, LOL!

Unless you can find a smeltor(?) or someone who will pay you actual metal value (preferably about $650-700 depending on the weight of your set), I'd put it on ebay as a set & ask $500 or so (or more if you think you can get it). It all depends on how badly you want to sell it - & how good your photos & copy are on the ebay ad!

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I think you need the silver to go with the dishes!
And unless something very strange happens in the will never be worth less than it is right now.....silver is silver....and it's all relative in the world economy.
Who knows....the Bunker Hunt thing may reappear.
I am so grateful for those who kept their antique silver in its form rather than succumb to the greed of $30 an ounce silver.

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Well, I guess I'll have to have Thanksgiving at my house this

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I have a recipe for a good pear/apple salad!

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Since this is a MCM silver pattern, rather than a very ornate style, I think you can find a buyer,as so many younger people are interested in all things modern. I sure wouldn't take the work of a coin dealer.

Ebay, etsy, or even auction sites, like LA Modern, would all be possibilities to sell it. Even craigslist.

Here is a link that might be useful: LA Modern Auctions

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Ther is a 40 piece set in an ebay store with a buy it now price of $699.
It's a lovely pattern!
Linda C

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$699 is a good price. Most of the ones I've seen on eBay start at about $950. I don't know what they eventually sell for.

The pear/apple salad sounds good! LOL!

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If all else fails, use it for everyday. It's surprising how elegant the simpliest of meals become when sterling is on the table.

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I had thought of using it everyday, but it should be washed by hand, and I'm too lazy to do that. lol

I have heard that when used on a regular basis, it acquires a lovely patina. Maybe I should rethink using it everyday. lol

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Have it weighed up and get a true value for the silver, then list it on Ebay with a reserve equal to or slightly greater than the silver value. You could then mention the actual silver value in your listing if you want. In this manner you would be guaranteed to get at least the silver value and if its a complete set you should expect considerably more.

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Fori is not pleased

Why not use it daily and put it in the dishwasher? After all, you were gonna melt it down anyway! ;)

With the right dishwasher settings and detergent, you might find it holds up great. Since it doesn't have the kinds of details that are highlighted by tarnish, it's a good candidate for dishwasher washing.

(It's a great pattern...put me in your will!) (Just kidding!)(Kind of!)

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I have been putting my sterling into the dishwasher, daily for about 40 years....whatever....since I first got a dishwasher about 1970.
When we were first married, I chose not to register for stainless....and not to buy any....all $$ would be spent on Sterling.
Well, in the first year I realized I had to have some stainless to take on picnics and to pot I bought 2 knives, 2 forks, 2 spoons and 2 salad forks at Woolworths for about $2.
I turned bacon with sterling...I stirred a pot of cereal with sterling...
And it's still there....including 2 spoons and a fork that have "disposer damage", before I made the rule that no silverware ever EVER goes into the sink with the disposer.
Go for it....I love using my sterling every day!!
Linda C

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Hey, thanks for the heads up. Maybe I'll try it.

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Oh I hope you keep it and use it. Just because it's silver dosen't mean you shouldn't use it everyday. I feel the same about crystal and china. Life is to short to not use it.

We use our silver flatwear everyday instead of our stainless. The stainless cost more than the sterling so it was a no brainer for us after several pieces of the stainless went missing.

Linda, I use mine just like you do. Except that I hand wash the knives because they pitt in the dishwasher. I've turned many a pieces of bacon with a silver fork!

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Update: We were at the coin dealer's today for another reason and I took a place setting of my silver to get a ballpark figure - $700 for 8 place settings plus a serving fork and carving knife. Hmmm....That's more that I could get from a silverware buyer. I still am going to think about it. No hurry.

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